Monday, August 27

The General has all four borders....

...and it's ready to be sandwiched and quilted...but...
I think I'll put it aside for a while...
I've plucked up the courage and had a play with my Sweet Susie (Sweet Sixteen)....hmm, I won't show you what I did just yet.... I'll just say, I need a LOT of  practice!
I think I need to relax more, as it doesn't feel like it's moving as smoothly as I'd like...
Off to practice some more...
Have a great day...


  1. Your General looks fabulous. I'm sure with a bit of daily practice, it'll all come much easier. It takes a little bit of time together to bond I think. I wish I could come and play with you.

  2. Four stars for the general. It's a lovely quilt top.
    Relaxing is the key. And then practice and more practice. You'll be more satisfied as time goes on. I was lucky with the first projects I quilted with my Miss Sadie (my Sweet 16). I had several donation kids' quilts and they were wonderful for practicing.

  3. Einfach fantastisch. Der Quilt sieht so schön aus und den Rand mag ich sehr gern dazu.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  4. I love your quilt top.

    Stick with that quilting - it will get easier.



  5. Your Top is very beautiful.

    Best wishes Manuela

  6. once you get the hang of Sweet Susie, this quilt will be finished in no time. Just think of all those wonderful quilts you will be making.

  7. Quilt top is looking fabulous. Don't be impatient with Sweet Susie.

  8. I love this quilt, especially the border. It is beautiful.

  9. The squares on point make for a perfect border on the quilt. Mirrors the squares on point of the granny squares.

  10. Yea for borders completed! With it already sandwiched, you will have a finish in no time.
    I do not blame you for wanting to get comfortable with your new baby; I was a bit disappointed in my first quilting on mine, and I have a pretty quilt top with huge boo-boos to prove it...and it is packed way. I did a whole cloth piece to practice. I say it takes about 10-20 hours of free motion before I felt comfortable. With your beautiful ability, you'll love it and be in that comfort zone in no time!

  11. Looks really fabulous Julia :) Love it!! hugs Vicki x

  12. Oh boy...the General is looking so flash these days. Enjoy the play time with your new baby, I would love to come and play with her. I am green-eyed with envy... Have fun.

  13. It turned out great!
    Practice, practice, practice!! You will do a great job when you are ready.

  14. The General turned out beautifully!!! Happy practicing on your new baby!!!!

  15. Looks wonderful. The border is perfect.


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