Saturday, August 4

On my's show time!!

It's show time....I'm so excited...I missed the last big craft / quilt show, I'm so happy to be going this time.
I just love this picture...
 I'll take an hours relaxing train ride up to town, , This is the second  biggest show held just once a year, lots of lovely new things to see and buy,  do some shopping of free workshops on different things to learn, new methods.
                                                           Did I say I'm excited !.....♥
In the mean time. here's a few more blocks from my date with the general...I'm so enjoying these blocks...rolling along happily..


  1. Enjoy the show, Julia. Your excitement comes through your words, and I'm excited FOR you.
    I'm nearly ready to start some granny square blocks. They're just too tempting.

  2. How fun to be attending the show! Enjoy and be sure to blog about all the goodies you see!
    Love the general blocks!
    Love you, Julia.

  3. Have fun at the quilt show, I just know you'll have lots of goodies to show us soon LOL!!!!! Your blocks are looking just wonderful!!!

  4. AS you should...just lovely!!

  5. Enjoy every minute of your trip, what fun! I do like the general's grannies you have done ~

  6. Have a great time Julia, you need the time away I'm sure...

  7. Enjoy the show Julia and I think The General is making you very happy. Have fun.

  8. You sound much happier with the results of these blocks for the General fabric. I can see why, they look very, very nice. Hope you didn't spend too much money. No wait, I hope you did!


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