Sunday, July 8

Quilt as You go...revisited....

I'm about to start a new quilt, and I love the Quilt-as-You-Go method...for a big quilt this is a great way to do the hand-quilting...
makes it so easy on the hands and shoulders, you don't have that big amount of the three heavy layers to twist and turn as you quilt..especially if your quilting circles.
So I thought I would revisit my QAYG method without sashing....hope this inspires you to give it a go...I'm sure you'll love it.

I made this quilt last year...loved every minute of the process..

Well, now that I have the centre medallion and one section of DP's together and hand-quilted, I thought I would share how I am going to put this DP quilt together in my way of the QAYG method...of course there are several ways of doing this, but I think this will work the best for me on this quilt... With each section and lay flat on cutting mat....fold back under the backing fabric , so as not to accidentally cut it....
..... we only want to trim back the top and batting at this stage... make sure you measure carefully and just trim back the top and cut away the excess batting.... this stage I now have the backing still folded back, and also the top folded back, pin in place to hold out of the way.... I now need to trim back an extra 1/4 inch of the batting only, so that this batting section will butt up to the next sections batting when trimmed back...are you still with me?...........

This is how each section should look after all the trimming has been done...

I have the top trimmed to size with a 1/4 " seam allowance..

The batting underneath is a 1/4 " smaller all around than the top...we don't need the seam allowance on the batting....

The backing is left for now until later when it is trimmed back after two sections have been machined together..

Here I have added a 1/4" peeper border to the top only.before I join this medallion to another section that I have hand-quilted and ready to be joined on....

I prepared this second section the same way as the first, trimming back the same as before...I have trimmed back the top and batting, leaving the backing till later...

With right sides together, mark the centre of each piece...fold back the backing fabrics on both in place making sure to line up the centres and the edges....machine stitch a scant 1/4" seam....

The front should look like this...backing fabric folded back, a beautiful stitched seam in the front tops..

Turn work to the back...cut away ONE side only of the backing fabric just to meet the stitched seam...

You can if you like slip stitch the butted batting together, but I find I don't need to here, it's very narrow and sitting lovely and's not going to move, the hand-quilting comes right up to it..

Trim away the remaining side of backing fabric to 1inch....
Fold back a 1/2" of this 1" strip and slip stitch in place...

Press seam flat...ta dah....beautiful!!

I will go on and join each piece as I go in this way...joining another DP piece to the other side of the medallion, and then after I have three more sections of DP's joined together, they will get joined on top of that

I hope It's clear and easy to understand....enjoy...♥


  1. You are so talented and these colors are so pretty, Julia. Stopping by to say "hello" and to tell you we are thinking of you both.

  2. Was für ein wundervoller Quillt. Traumhaft.
    Und die Quillt as you go Methode its wirklich prima.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial!!

    Greetings from Debby,
    the Netherlands

  4. Very clever....I LOVE this quilt!!

  5. Fabulous idea Julia. This is another stunning creation.

  6. Wonderful tutorial Julia. What a great way to manage a large quilt. I love your color selection.

  7. your quilt looks the colours..

  8. thanks for this Julia.......I should try it one day.......

  9. This is such a great process and I love the result! Haven't tried it yet but will someday!!!

  10. Love the quilt. how much bigger is the backing on ea block before you start your quilting? An inch bigger on all sides?


  11. Love your quilt and am intrigued by quilting as you go. Will have to try it sometime from your instructions.

  12. your tutorial is great and your quilt looks stunning .... I have just one question . Is the peeper border cut at 3/4 inches, so as to end up 1/4 inch ?



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