Wednesday, July 18

Just passing telly time..

...until I get a bit more time to sew...
This is for my Dd who just loves I'm trying to crochet in as much orange here and there as I can, and still have a very colourful and bright Granny Squares throw...

Stay warm or cool where ever you's freezing here this morning.....♥


  1. Hello Julia,

    Oh that will keep you warm. Have fun joining up the squares.

    Happy days.

  2. I used to know how to make granny squares, but mine were never as colorful and exciting as these. I'm sure your DD will love it.

    We're definitely on opposite ends of the weather extremes. High of 97 degrees here today (36.1 Celsius). Hottest summer we've had in many, many years.

  3. LOVE your granny squares, Julia ! They're so cute and look like winegums ;>) No doubt your daughter will be absolutely delighted !

  4. That will cheer her up no end Julia, so colourful and pretty. Wettest and most dullest, miserable summer ever on record here.

  5. What a great crocheted throw! The perfect project for in front of the TV, that's for sure! Your Dad is going to love it.

  6. What lovely crochet work, your granny blanket is coming along beautifully!!!!

  7. Love your crochet blanket. How do you put your together with the white wool do you crochet together or sew them together?

  8. Those bright colors are right up my alley. So cheery! Ah, it's been hot here in Florida, but not as hot as in Iowa! Who would ever have guessed the temperatures would be so backward (reversed) in this part of the world!?


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