Tuesday, July 10

How gorgeous is this!...

Isn't this lovely...
I popped down to my local patchwork group for a couple of hours to find Penny working on this beautiful piece....I only wish the picture did it more justice, the colours are vibrant and go so well together...and the machine applique is perfect, amazing tiny stitches...so here's another one to add to my ever growing list of things to do!...
Penny said it's a William Morris design...I love it and wouldn't it make a beautiful centre medallion piece for a bigger quilt....♥

As for me...this is all I've managed to do in the last few days....
...I did start off paper piecing this but decided it was taking too long, fiddling with the papers, so I changed track and I am American hand piecing it now....so much easier and quicker for me..

Boy, it's cold outside....Hope your having a great day....♥


  1. Looks good Julia. You have to go with the method that feels most comfortable.

  2. Penny's work is very pretty. Thanks for sharing it and I am happy you were able to join the group for a while. Your work is looking great, too. Love you,

  3. Penny work is awesome but so is yours.

  4. You don't have to convince me, I am a William Morris fan already.
    I think many of us have our favourite methods and we stick to them. Lovely piecing and colours.

  5. The William Morris certainly is a beautiful piece of work!!!! Your little hand sewing project is beautiful!!!


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