Sunday, July 15


Vivian over at Quilt and a Mug is thinking of buying EQ7and is asking opinions on if you use it and how do you like it...pop on over to Vivian's and let her know what you think about EQ7....
I had EQ6 then updated to the 7 when it came out, but just wasn't making the most of the programme, so I took an online class with Quilt Universtity... 
I did enjoy the lessons when I did them,.. it was very helpful understanding how EQ7 works,  the many features and short cuts that I didn't know about before. However I don't use what I learnt enough, manly due to the lack of time.

Below are some of the blocks I learnt to create in the lessons..I should really do something with these blocks..
Sampler with the blocks I created...learning to do the sashing like this was fun...
This one is called Jungle Flower...hmm. not sure about this block.
My version of Dutchman's Puzzle in Blue and Yellow...

...again in repro colours....
...another play with EQ7...

Here we learnt how to add those circles to the corner stones....How cool is that..!
Well, no prizes for guessing these are repro colours again...I did the sampler quilt in repro colours....couldn't help it!Here is a label I also made on my EQ7 lesson...
Even though I don't use it a lot, I'm not sorry I bought it...if you have the time, it's fun to play and see what quilts you can design..

This is just my opinion and what I did on my EQ7...nayy.
Until next time, happy stitching..... ♥


  1. I bought EQ7 earlier this year and I had a lot of fun designing my last quilt. I'm looking forward to my next fun project.

  2. I could have a lot of fun with this software, but not my time at the moment. Very interested to read this little introduction.

  3. Hola!! felicidades por tu blog, es fantástico, es la primera vez que lo visito y me han encantado tus trabajos, un beso desde Barcelona, Reyes.

  4. I just went from Vivian's post to yours and have found what you've written very interesting - I have EQ7 and see that it would be worthwhile to do the quilt university (or similar) course. Thank you for sharing.


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