Friday, June 15

Playing with Yarn..

It's that kind of weather here down under, woolly socks and scarfs are in order for this wintery cold weather...I crochet this ripple scarf last year....only took me three days to make.
It's a great pattern, once you get it started it crochets up very be honest, I couldn't put it down. I loved seeing the colours come through as I went along, you can purchase the pattern here....I love it!

This is what I'm playing with now..knitted in 8 ply wool, really easy to do ,  twists and ruffles up as you go..

 With 8 ply yarn
Cast on 23 sts.
Row 1...knit 2 turn and knit back on those 2
Row 2...knit 4 turn and knit back those 4 sts
Row 3...knit 6 turn, knit back those 6
Row 4... knit 8 turn, knit back those 8
Row 5...knit 10 turn, knit back those 10 sts..
Row 6...Knit right across all 23 sts to come to the other end...
Repeat these 6 rows at this other end...and then repeat these rows again on opposite sides...
This forms a twisted ruffle as you work up..thought you might like to try it..I'm just using what I have on hand...but wouldn't it  look great in a variegated coloured yarn..
                                                                        Have fun.....♥


  1. Both of these are lovely, Julia. You are so talented! Projects like these are just right for the weather you are experiencing.

  2. Pretty scarf! I love those colors! :0)

  3. They are both beautiful! Yes, the ruffled one would look good with a variegated yarn! Thank you for the instructions on the ruffly one. :)

  4. I haven't knit for years. I certainly love your projects Julia!

  5. You are too clever...I am trying to figure out this knitted one and I am not sure if I am doing it right...when you do the knitted 23 do you just then immediately start at the knit 2 again?
    Hugs Khris

  6. The only upside to winter is the knitting and crochet LOL! Love working with such beautiful yarns that are available these days! Your scarf is just lovely!!!!

  7. can you tell me what size needles you used and how long you made the ruffle scarf?


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