Thursday, May 10

I'm in Love....

......with my GO cutter again...
These dies came in the mail last week, I picked them up from the post office on Monday..
I've had my Go for over a year now,and hardly ever used her, until I was surfing the net one day and came across a great site here down under selling lots of great dies, very reasonably priced....
Straight off, I fell in love with the Bountiful Baskets die...and then saw the Three Tri's die, perfect to use with so many things, especially my hexagon die of the same three sizes...
So a new project has been inspired...
Scrap busting the rest of the food fabrics and the last of that great black background fabric from my last Village Circle topper project...
I'm hand piecing these...I'll keep going until I run out of the scraps...see if I can get a good sized hexagon table topper from the scraps.
Feels so good to be able to use up the scraps, and end up with something beautiful, practical that will get used a lot...

Untill next time...happy stitching...


  1. I love my GO!.
    Those dies look good - I was wondering about the little triangles since I have the hexagons - it is a nice combination. The baskets should be really beautiful. Enjoy!

  2. Love those dies. Might have to do a little shopping myself. :) Hugs,

  3. That is a wonderful project, this is a perfect pattern for I Spy. It's neat that you could put the two dies together. Gotta love that Go! Cutter~

  4. Gorgeous combo, so wish I had a Go, my stash would be all cut up lickerty split!

  5. Love your Hexigons. The more I use my GoBaby, the more I love my GoBaby! what a great invention, what a wonderful way to use scraps!

  6. I really like the hexagons like that. Perfect.

  7. Everyone who uses the Go or Go-Baby is having fun, they're inspired, and they're turning their scraps into projects. Way to go, Julia. Enjoy!


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