Saturday, May 19

Big Stitch Quilting....

....have you tried it?...
Wow, I'm hooked, love this....Machine quilting is the least part of quilting that I like, and the traditional tiny stitch hand-quilting takes so long to do...but this is so much fun and I'm amazed how quick it is to do...
I don't know why I  put off trying it for so long...I can see myself big stitch quilting many more quilts.
I think my stitches are pretty even....I'm happy with them.
I used #8 black perle thread in a chenille needle, works like a charm. The chenille needle has a big eye and a nice sharp point....these are the needles that I used to use for Silk Ribbon Embroidery...
I'm going to cross hatch the hexagons, then I'll work out what to do in the borders..

I'm having fun with this...hope your having a fun weekend too...


  1. I think it's the only way to go Julia, I don't think I've got enough time left on this earth to make all the quilts I want to make AND hand quilt with regular thread...! Love the colours in that one..

  2. Looks fab Julia. Glad to see that mojo working properly again. Your stitches look very neat to me.

  3. I sure am going to give this a try after I saw Lurline doing it too

  4. I think this might suit me, too! The top looks lovely!

  5. Julia, this is what I do most of the time! My machine doesn't 'do' quilting so I have to hand quilt. Not really keen on the look of tied quilts, so I just do a neat running stitch in the ditch or around shapes on the design. Yours is VERY neat! Bit like Sashiko really.

  6. Very nice...I've done hand-quilting but not big-stitch with the Perle cotton...will have to give it a try!

  7. Looks good! Isn't it fun to have time to do stuff you really enjoy doing. :)

  8. I'm addicted to the big stitch quilting...looks fantastic!!

  9. ahhhh looks awesome!
    Love Leanne

  10. Julia, it's so much fun, isn't it! I did my first big stitch on a primitive piece many years ago but did mostly traditional quilting for a long time. I started big stitch again last year and am amazed how much faster it is! I love the way it looks on this little quilt. Your stitches are perfect!

  11. Julia I am taking a big stitch class next weekend I so can`t wait. You are right I do hand quilting, but not machine I save that for the pro`s but I need a different stitch and big stitch is calling me.
    Your stitches look absolutely great!!

  12. Love your BSQ on this piece, just perfect!!!! I haven't tried it yet, but have recently bought the Perle Cotton and needles to give it a try - your Hexie quilt is turning out wonderfully!!!


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