Saturday, April 7


It was time to spruce up our bedroom a bit...
...the old cream carpet had seen better days. I bought a carpet shampooer, tried to clean it and freshen it up a bit, but what a waste of time that was... so decided to go for a whole new floor covering...
Years ago in our very first home we had the lovely jarrah  (Australian native wood)  floors, hated polishing them every I covered them up with with all the lovely  pre- finishes that is applied to wood  these days, wooden floors are very much in vogue..."what is old is new again"
The new floor was laid and ready to walk on in just 6 hours..
What a great time to freshen everything up..My very favourite quilt that I won in our 2007 guild raffle got it's first wash. ...and it's washed up beautifully....a couple of colour catchers picked up a tiny bit of pink colour, the quilt is beautiful, as new!
I just love this quilt, a beautiful Karen Cunningham design, put together by 14 guild members, custom quilted by another guild member.
Dear friend Lurline was the raffle quilt co-ordinater at the time..
How lucky was win this out of the thousands of tickets sold......
I wish you all a Happy and Blessed Easter...stay safe.....♥


  1. The floor is absolutely beautiful, Julia. It feels good to get everything freshened, doesn't it?
    That is an awesome quilt and I am thrilled that it washed up so nicely. Blessings to you and Reno this Easter and to the family.

  2. That quilt is a real treasure Julia and I would love to have that floor in our bedroom. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  3. I love wood floors but yes real wood floors are more work. As such people often cover them with rugs or as you did with carpet. I really have developed a dislike for carpet, it seems like it is more work to keep clean, and now I think I would opt for a wood floor with a rug for the colder rooms of the house rather than strictly a carpet. I am pretty sure there are critters living deep in my carpets that will never go away, no matter how much I vacuum them. Great blog, I enjoyed very much, the floor looks great. Take care

  4. What a great win. I won a raffle quilt many years ago. I figure that was my one and only time to ever win. I sold the quilt when we down-sized our home. The border on your quilt is very interesting.

  5. Your wooden floors look great Julia & without all that maintenance. Did you win the quilt at the WA Quilters Guild raffle? If so do you go to sewing night? Tracee xx

  6. Your room looks lovely & welcoming. What a fabulous win!

  7. My comment just disappeared into the ether but just incase it doesn't turn up I said that the quilt you won is a beautiful piece of work and how lucky to win it. The new floor looks great. Here goes a second time.x

  8. I win small things but never anything as totally awesome as this quilt! You truly are a lucky one. It's beautiful and looks really good with your floor. You have a very lovely bedroom!

  9. That is a beautiful quilt. You were very lucky!

  10. I love the modern wooden floors and would love it in my sewing cave. I'm glad the quilt washed up so beautifully,it's gorgeous.


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