Monday, April 9

Quilting Ocean Waves..

Well, I tried all different methods of how I would quilt the Ocean Waves...but in my mind, I just kept going back to the original idea...
I tried spacing the rows out further apart, tried two rows big space then another two rows....nup, just did not look right or work for me...didn't flow enough like waves, so back to the first idea.
I'm happy to say at least they didn't crash  and I didn't end up with crashing between the waves I decided to just do a simple stipple to define the waves more...

The Japanese fabrics have a lot of gold in their print, I did have a bit of trouble with the machine foot sticking a bit on the gold paint...after a bit of pulling, trying to get the fabric through and a few words, I then remembered that I had a Teflon foot with my trusty Husky machine...tried it and it worked a treat!
Ok, it's half quilted, so the last bit shouldn't take too much longer to do..

Hope you had a wonderful Easter....chocolates and happy times with family...♥


  1. I adore the quilting patterns, Julia. Very pretty!

  2. great designing....this really does look fabulous.

  3. It's turning out very nicely Julia!!

  4. This looks like just the right quilting design to go with your waves of fabric. Great progress, and the last half is all downhill, as your decisions are made, so it'll go quickly.
    Special feet make our sewing tasks much easier, don't they? Bless Teflon!

  5. Beautiful!! I need to look for a teflon foot.
    Very exciting to be so close to a finish.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. This looks wonderful! Figuring out how to quilt my quilts seems to be the hardest thing for your inspiration here.

  7. It's funny how often we return to our original decisions. Your work looks wonderful and I still love the setting.

  8. Girl, you are just too funny!! Oh how I agonize and then procrastinate over how/what/where to quilt!! At least you made a decision and went with it!! Looks great!!!

  9. Your quilt's looking great, and your quilting selections are perfect for it. Didn't know that gold could be problematic. I'm glad for that tip. Yes, it was a nice Easter, and I hope it was for you too.


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