Friday, April 13

Ocean Waves...just sewing back binding..

Yipee...nearly finished..
...I will be so glad to see this Ocean Waves quilt finished, it just seemed to go on forever!
I didn't like the blue inner border, so I unpicked the borders, folded over the inner blue border in half to make a peeper, then sewed the borders back on....check out my previous post and you will see what a difference the peeper makes..
I just need to sew back the binding now...a nice little job for tonight while watching TV...
That was such a lot of sewing...nearly did turn into "crashing waves "... so glad it's done.
I think I'll keep this one for myself...will be lovely on my table for when friends come..

Till next time...happy sewing....


  1. Well done Julia, a quilt to be proud of and I didn't doubt for one second that it would be any other. The narrow inner border sets it off perfecctly. I would be very happy to sit and your table and admire your quilt.

  2. Julia, Julia, you are way to critical of yourself. Ocean Waves is outstanding, absolutely "smashing". I agree with you the thin border is perfect. I swear I am as anal as you are, I would have done the same thing or lost sleep over it. I love your work....

  3. Yes, Julia you are right that blue border really does look better as a peeper. Congratulations on a job well done.

  4. YAY!!!!! YIPPEE!!! Good for you, looks get that binding sewn down!!!

  5. What a great job!!! You will certainly appreciate this quilt Julia, after all the hard slog of quilting, but so worth it, it looks great!!!!

  6. I do like this design and it looks lovely. The peeper was a great idea.

  7. Those fabrics are so gorgeous and the peeper makes such a difference.
    Beautiful quilt!

  8. Very pretty. The peeper makes it look "just so." Perfect.

  9. I wasn't familiar with the term "peeper," and I like it. That thin blue fabric makes a great accent.
    I hope when your Ocean Waves quilt is done, you'll only enjoy its beauty and special workmanship, and you'll quickly forget the trials and tribulations you went through. You made great choices, Julia, and it's a beautiful quilt.


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