Thursday, April 26

Kaffe House Topper

Boy, I really thought I had lost my blog for good...twice blogger switched me over to the new interface, and it took me ages to get it back...
Haven't had time to do a lot more on my Kaffe Village Circle....but I did manage to sneak in a few moments to get these two cute little Kaffe cottages pieced..... you can see here, I decided to enlarge the little cottages...just a little, enough to make them that much easier to piece.
I thought I would do four across the centre, just touching from point to point...leaving the dark background fabric to form a square..

DH has a birthday this week and we have family flying in to surprise him, so my time is very limited for the next few days...

Have a wonderful what you love and do it well......♥


  1. Knew you would work it out Julia and your patio table will look lovely and colourful. How well the Kaffe's work with those small blocks. Happy Birthday to Reno. Have a great time.

  2. Your houses look so cheerful and cute at the same time. It'll be lovely on the dark background. Happy birthday to your DH, enjoy the family visit.

  3. I think that I would have chosen the larger one too.
    Enjoy the birthday celebrations.

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  5. looks great. I had a similar problem here while back, realy frustrating....

  6. This is just beautiful, Julia.

    John and I would like to wish Reno a happy birthday.

    Love you both.

  7. How much time do we have till we'll only have the new blogger to work with? I really don't like those deadlines and those changes. Just when I get comfortable with my posting, then blogger is updated--again. Stop already!!!

    Lovely little houses. You're putting a lot of time and thought and planning into this project, and it'll be a one-of-a-kind table topper when you're done.

    Enjoy the family time together, Julia.


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