Saturday, March 24

Looking for my Mo-Jo.....

...anyone seen it?...
I just can't seem to get motivated this week...spent more time thinking abut what to do than actually doing anything...
I thought I would have a play with my Accuquilt Go, I've had it for over a year now and hardly touched it.
With quite a bit of Japanese fabrics left over from the Trip Around Japan quilt, I thought I'd have a play with them...

Auditioning the Blocks..seeing how I'll set them....don't really want DP circles again.
I picked a nice and easy 7" drunkards path, thinking it would not take too long to put together..
Boy, it's hard to wind the Accquilt Go handle on the big dies, DH had to help me,
I'm machine piecing these...being fairly large they go together really well....I did try the curve master, nup.. I still rather do it my way!
This is what I managed to do this morning...not bad for a couple of hours play..

Have a great weekend... enjoy what ever you have planned.....♥


  1. I hope this project will bring the MoJo back in full force for you!!

  2. Funny how we have the ups and downs with our creativity. Do you remember in the '70's Bio Rhythms were supposed to show us our high and low times...wonder if my Bio Rhythms need a charge too,LOL.

  3. Sorry to hear your Mojo wants a holiday, how dare it?!!!! I sure hope you get it back into full swing again soon! Haven't used an Accuquilt thingy, but your blocks are looking nice, they really are great fabrics! I've got one of those Curve Master feet, haven't tried it yet, had it for ages, so you don't think it works too well?, hmmmm...nothing like the original way to do curved seams huh! I have to say the last time I did a curved seam, didn't even think of the CurveMaster, did it the old fashioned way LOL!!

  4. Being somewhat experienced in using the GO cutter, I can tell you that sometimes you need to be concerned about the height of the table on which you have your cutter. Having it at the right height for you can make a big difference in whether something is easy to cut or not. As for the Curve Master foot, I bought it and can't get it to work well for me, either....and I even saw the gal who designed the foot demonstrating it...and I still can't do it. :(

  5. ola
    lindos ja tinha visto estes assim redondos mas não sabia que se fazia assim tão facil de fazer , obrigado por partilhar com todas nos suas ideias bom fim de semana bejs.

  6. I love your dp design. What size are these pieces? I just got my GoBaby Accuquilt cutter, I really hadn't thought about buying the dp die, but I love your pieces so much, I will most likely purchase it.

  7. Do you think your MoJo went on vacation with mine??? HA!

    Great fabric choices on your drunkards path....that pattern design has always been on my list!!

  8. I think maybe our mojos ran off together because I can't find mine either.

    I put my Curve Master on my machine the other day and tried it out for the first time. Never mind that I've had it over five years. I'm not sure I liked it. Its not as easy as the designer of it made it out to be. There is definately practicing required to get it just right. And I'm too lazy and cheap to waste a bunch of fabric to get it right.

  9. It's okay to take little breaks from stitching, right? Something completely different - like your GO cutter is a great idea.

  10. Oh, dear - so many of us have had the same problem. Thanks goodness my creativity has returned - I really think new fabric and a new project help!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  11. Sometimes mojo's have to have a bit of a rest. Everyone seems to misplace their from time to time. But don't despair it will be back soon.


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