Wednesday, March 28

Kerry's beautiful 9 patch quilt.....

Popped down to my local patchwork group yesterday for a couple of hours.......
...and dear Kerry had this beautiful quilt that she is making for her daughter...isn't it so fresh and gorgeous!
The colours are scrappy aqua / jade and white nine patches, on a crisp white background... a classic nine patch quilt, that will be treasured I'm sure!
Here's a close up, you may be able to see the quilting, that patchwork friend Glyns did on the quilt...Glyns used a lovely variegated aqua thread that shows up the beautiful quilting it!....
Here's what I've been doing in the evenings while I wait for my Mo-Jo to come back...
My DD gave me all this yarn, so bright and cheerful...what better to do with it than a granny square lap rug to crochet and pass time with, simple and easy...each square looks out at me like a happy smiley face...

Just a little shout out for my chef son Joe's recipe blog....Joe has added quite a few new recipes to his blog in the last couple of weeks...great gluten free recipes too...pop on over and say hi..

Hope your having a lovely week....


  1. The nine patch is lovely, some nice spots for lovely quilting too!

  2. The quilt and colors are so very calming/beautiful.

    I love your colorful lap throw, Julia.

    one post back, I included a few pics of my nephew's wedding....and the post before that Harriet is tap dancing!

    I'll visit Joe now - thanks!

  3. What better way to encourage your mojo to come back than to get into your granny squares!! This is a delightful little blanket especially as we have winter coming in the next few months.
    Love the 9-patch quilt too, I agree about the colours, such a fresh look, lovely quilting!!!!

  4. Such a pretty colourway for the nine patch quilt. Hope that mojo comes back soon. I don't think you have lost it Julia or you wouldn't be doing such beautiful crochet. It is patchwork of a different kind. Your mojo is just having some time out.

  5. Good to see that you are not idle waiting for your mojo to return. The four patch quilt is lovely, one of my favourite blocks.

  6. The ninepatch is so beautifull! I love it! Thank you for sharing!
    Many greetings, Marita

  7. I've been following Joe's blog since you first posted about it. He has wonderful recipes! And I love Granny Squares - I'm glad they're making a come-back!!!

  8. How fun to crochet for a while. Granny squares are all the range. I love the quilt. It has a cool, sweet, vintage look.

  9. The quilt is lovely...really like the jade and aqua combination! The granny square laprug is great too!

  10. The aqua quilt reminds me of the Carribean.


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