Friday, March 30

Calmimg Ocean Waves...

A little more progress on the quilt from those leftover Japanese scraps..
There's that Persian rug again....but I think you can see how this is panning out.  I think I'll add a narrow blue border and then another scrappy border like the last Trip around Japan quilt...
The wavy design of how I've set the Drunkards Path blocks reminds me of the ocean I'm calling this quilt "Calming Ocean Waves"...I'll quilt it in the same flowing wavy motion...yeah!

I'm starting to get excited again about quilting...I think my Mo-jo is coming back....yeah!
Just have to share this funny little piece that dear blogging / email friend Paula wrote to me....

" now girl, I heard that your mojo is down at the fabric shop. they have it in small packages called FAT QUARTERS, comes in all colors and styles, check it out, I know its there..................."
               This really cheered me up and made me laugh...I think I need some fabric shopping therapy.
I hope your having a happy day...


  1. It sounds like you definitely are finding your quilting Mo-jo again.
    A friend who can make you laugh when you need it --that's a friend indeed.
    Both the name for your quilt and your quilting plan sound perfect, but we'd expect nothing less from Ms. Julia, the gal with the Mo-jo flowing!

  2. there you go mojo is back, definitely...huge hugs dear friend

  3. Yes, calming those ocean waves is a perfect description Julia.
    And your friend knows just were to find your mojo!!

  4. You see Julia, your mojo was there all the time it just needed a kick to make it appear. You never disappoint with your projects.

  5. I like the setting of this quilt and it does look very calming. Glad your mojo is back!!!

  6. I love Paula's sense of humor! The quilting you have planned for this quilt sounds perfect. I can't wait to see it finished.

  7. I love this idea. Do you mind if I borrow it sometime in the near future?

  8. What a great comment!!! Aren't blogging friends the best!!!
    The Ocean Waves is looing great, love those Japanese fabrics!!!


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