Tuesday, February 28

Trip Around Japan, progress and New Fabrics...

A little more on my Trip Around Japan blocks...
I thought I would be a bit different and see how this would work...I'm going to take out four of the centre square pieces and insert this pretty fussy cut piece from a big piece of fabric....
Here's a close up, I think this will add another demention / feature to the qult...there are several different pieces that I can cut out...some are Japanese ladies sitting sewing on a quilt...I think will be perfect!

I also sent away for some more Japanese fabrics, I needed to add more colour, what I had was mainly tans and blues...isn't that Teal Gingko leaf piece beautfiul.

Blogger just won't play nice today....won't let me add another photo of more fabrics....and have you noticed how to add a comment has changed and is differnt now too...even spell check is not working..
                                                             Come on Blogger be nice.....♥


  1. Just beautiful, Julia. The teal fabric caught my eye right away.

  2. it is looking wonderful, I love it....

  3. How lovely! The center square adds a special dimension to the design.

  4. I like the idea of adding a fussy cut centre piece, it certainly does add to the visual interest of this quilt!! Love the Japanese fabrics, they are wonderful!!!

  5. Very nice Julia, love that center block, it definitely adds some appeal. I have always loved the Japanese fabrics, but really wasn't a collector. I just picked up a Japanese panel and a few fabrics from a friend and I'm looking forward to making a wall hanging.

  6. The quilt is coming along very nicely. Lovely Japanese fabrics, don't see as many around any more.

  7. The quilt is coming along very nicely. Lovely Japanese fabrics, don't see as many around any more.

  8. I'm already jealous of the recipient of this Japanese fabric quilt! I LOVE Japanese fabrics (and paper and everything else, lol) and have a large stash that I've bought from craft fairs over the past few years. It is enormously popular these days at those fairs - I guess you've noticed, Julia?
    Oh I hate what Blogger have done to the dashboard thing..I thought I must have inadvertently pressed a button that changed my format, but it sounds like it has affected everyone..

  9. This is so beautiful Julia !!!



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