Sunday, February 26

New Project...and lovely surprise!

A special quilt for a special person...
I can't mention any names, as I'm making this special Trip Around Japan quilt for a special person. All in Japanese fabrics, with the indigo blue fabrics being the diamond shape focus, and if I can, work out how to incorporate a fussy cut bigger centre block in there to be a feature...,hmmm, I will have to have a play with it later on.
I don't usually like doing the same pattern twice, but this is such a fun quilt to make, with a little twist if I can  work it out....♥

A lovely surprise visit today from my son Joe-da-chef and gets so busy these days any time with family is precious...
How gorgeous are these beautiful rose buds...such a sweet delicate soft pink..
Thank you Joe, Angie....♥


  1. That is a beautiful collection of crockery you have there Julia. I bet a lot of that came from my home town of Stoke on Trent. Lovely flowers from your son and a lovely gift you are making.

  2. Hi Julia, Such a lovely quilt for some lucky person. So happy that Joe and Angie were able to visit. The roses are so pretty and I love your display of china.

  3. The quilt is very pretty. Sometimes making the same item twice in different colors can feel like a whole new project. :) Nice! The pink roses are gorgeous, too. :)

  4. Love the design Julia. I was wondering if I cut the strips smaller if I could make a mini trip around the world??

  5. To me, pink roses are much better than red. That was a really nice gift from them!

  6. I can already tell that I'm going to love this! What a cool idea!

  7. I agree with a previous commenter, your china collection is gorgeous! Something about china cups and saucers, I hope you use them, because every day is a special occasion you know LOL!!!!
    You little giftie project looks interesting, love the use of Japanese fabrics!!

  8. Beauty all around you, Julia -- the lovely fabrics in your little TATW, the wonderful china, and the breathtaking roses. How wonderful to have them all at your fingertips.

  9. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I see in your photo of the pink roses, a crinoline lady sandwich plate and plate with holder.
    I do like this pattern.


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