Friday, February 3

Change of a cushion..

What was going to be the Calico Garden doll /quilt is now going to be a cushion..
I put this together this morning, and seeing as I only had four applique blocks done, and not really wanting to fuss and make more tiny applique blocks this has ended up now it's going to be a cushion,  a pretty small print border and it will be a sweet cushion. I'll hand-quilt it, that will add to it's charm...♥

                                                                            I got mail....
These lovely Swedish patchwork books came in the mail this morning...Elisabeth and I did a book swap, I sent her some Aussie quilting books and she sent me these in return.
They are in Swedish, but hey, you know us quilters can read any quilting instructions / language..
Lots of lovely projects to admire and get inspired by..
These are great, thank you so much Elisabeth...


  1. You are so welcome Julia, if was fun to swap books with you ! You cushion is beautiful, your quilt always are !


  2. What a great idea to turn this wee beauty into a cushion.

  3. You were very fast today Julia. I saw one post and then it changed!
    I think a pillow is a great idea and so pretty. I have seen some lovely Dear Jane pillows. Sometimes you want a taste not the whole meal.

  4. The pillow is going to be beautiful. Enjoy your new books.

  5. Love your quilt Julia, may you enjoy the comfort of it. I think sometimes it is good to actually stop a project somewhere else and say that is it. You will have a beautiful cushion to enjoy. I know exactly what you mean about the quilting language barrier. I love my Japanese books and I have French quilting magazines and I also have some Spanish craft magazines. Cannot understand a word of any of them but I can follow the pictures and diagrams and sort of work it out. The books you have look interesting and I shall wonder what will emerge from them.

  6. That makes a lovely cushion, and it's so much better to have a finished project than another UFO! :0)

  7. Lovely finish to the quilt now destined to be a least it is a finish and will be used.
    Very Pretty.

  8. It will make a delightful cushion. The applique blocks look so sweet with the four patches.

  9. I like the cushion. Your colors are so pretty. I learned something from this post. There are so many projects I've abandoned because I won't see them through to their designed finish. It is a great idea to change track and finish it another way.

  10. Very sweet cushion Julia!! Just love those tiny applique blocks in there, so cute!!!!

  11. Your decision to end a project when you want to, rather than when the pattern says, makes sense. If we all did that, there would be fewer UFOs in the world and a lot more finished projects.
    It's going to be a pretty cushion.

  12. You always amaze me with your beautiful creations (quilts and other).... you certainly have been busy since I last visited. Love to both Reno and yourself...xx

  13. A cushion is a great idea, as your blocks won't be wasted.

    What a great idea with the book swap.


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