Saturday, February 25

Caroline's Quilt..eye candy..

Life just took over this week and not much sewing got done...
I have been out with DD and grand daughter shopping for wedding dress fabrics...yes, I'm going to make the wedding exciting
Dh's old, ex boss Don and his wife Caroline came to visit yesterday....we had a lovely day chatting, eating and enjoying some time together...
... I'd like to share with you this gorgeous quilt Caroline made for her's huge, I had to stand right back to fit it all in the photo, so it's a bit hard to see the cream hearts on the alternate blocks which compliment and go with the green hearts so well....Thank you for sharing it with us Caroline....♥
This is all I managed to get done this week....I needed something to keep my hands busy in the evening, so out came the clamshell template again...last year I made a clamshell knitting bag so this time I think I'll make a little clamshell quilt...

Have a great weekend...I have family coming today.
Take care....♥


  1. Caroline's quilt is lovely. I managed to enlarge it and see more of the detail.
    Give me clamshells anytime - love them in all shapes and sizes.

  2. Hi Julia, Sounds like a very busy week. Caroline's quilt is a beauty and I thank you both for sharing it. How exciting to make your GD's wedding dress. She is very blessed to have a talented grandmother.
    Hello to the family. Blessings to each of you.

  3. Hi Julia. Tell Caroline her quilt is beautiful. I am so excited to see what you will be making for a wedding dress. I've only made a christening gown so far and would be so honored to have a granddaugher ask me to make her wedding dress like you are going to do.

  4. I made First Daughter's wedding gown and enjoyed every minute of it! Do you/does she have a pattern picked out yet?

  5. Caroline did a lovely job on her quilt! Loving the colours/fabrics you are using for your clamshells!!!


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