Tuesday, January 3

Then There Were 12.....plus ..Twice as Nice..

Two more Kaffe houses added to the estate..
These are so fiddly to do...who would think it would be soooo messy to piece two little blocks!
Yesterday was a great productive day...I managed to get all the Twice as Nice blocks pieced and together.
It's quite big, had trouble fitting the whole quilt top in the photo...now to border or not border...I'm thinking it doesn't really need a border...do you think!
Doesn't the 3D effect look great...so easy to do and really quick...
More scraps....This cute block is a bonus from the left over cut offs....I really like this one the best, I may have enough scraps to make a table runner or small topper.
That motley grey / black spotted fabric I have used in so many of my quilts...I just love it, so glad I bought what was on the bolt during a sale last year...
Great tip...if you find a great background fabric that will suit just about all fabrics and designs...buy the whole bolt!
I used this Easy Angle ruler to trim back the scraps for the Bonus Pinwheel block...♥

Edit...blogger wins. I give up, doesn't matter what I do, my header will not change...I even tried changing templates 3 times, spent way too much time on it, when I could be sewing!...♥


  1. You have been a busy beaver on and off the computer!!

  2. I did the Kaffe Houses in red and white, and felt most of the quilt went into the trash can. But I am glad that I did it!

  3. I couldn't post a photo to my blog yesterday no matter what I did so I changed browsers. I usually use Firefox but I have an iMac so tried Safari and it worked. If it hadn't, I"d have tried Google Chrome. Maybe if you try another browser you'll have better luck??? I don't know why it worked for me, just that it did. Now I'm back to Firefox so we'll see next time I post.

  4. I always find lovely work and lots of great tips on your blog. Best tip of the year so far, buy a bolt of fabric!
    Would I dare?

  5. Your kaffe houses look grea Julia and I really like the twice as nice quilt. who knows how blogger works - it has a mind of its own

  6. You have been busy, the tops are growing. I'm sorry your header is being a pian, maybe you'll feel like doing a new one later on.

  7. Love the houses, they make a "great estate" Can't wait to see what the next one are going to be. Just love Kaffe fabrics and what a effective use of them. Love, Love, Love your Twice as Nice. Wow, what a great choice of fabrics, very dramatic.

  8. Love Love those house blocks in the Kaffe fabrics. Sorry about the header, I had a problem with mine also. Darn blogger.. :^). Happy New Year!!


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