Wednesday, January 11

Stash/ Scrap Busting...

Need to bust some stash / scraps...I will try real hard this year to bust some stash / scraps, see how well I go at making quilts / projects from what I have in my stash...
Jodi of Pleasant Home is hosting a 2012 Sew Scraps Along...pop on over and see some amazing scrappy projects, tips on how to organize your scaps...gosh, now that's something I know I need help with.!
There's a few scrappy quilts on my list, that would be great for stash / scrap, Courthouse Steps, just to name two..
Yesterday I played a bit with a Scrappy Trip Around the World...I was inspired by my friend Lois's quilt (below)  to use up some scraps and see what I finish up with.
Try as I might I just could not just add any fabric to my blocks...I've seen some beautiful scrappy TAW quilts using all sorts of fabric, but no not me... I started off with rose fabrics and felt I needed to stick with rose fabrics...I really need to break out and let go of wanting every thing to match and be of the same theme I had to also cut into some yardage, but it's still what I had on hand...
Lois (no blog) has made three of these picnic scrappy Trip Around the World quilts for family. she used a special sort of  fabric for the backing so that the quilt could be laid out on grass and not have the grass stick to the backing...sorry Lois, I've forgotten again what the name of the fabric is, she said it worked a treat.
I really enjoyed making these four to do and was really surprised how quick they are to piece...
OK off to make some more blocks..
Have a great day..


  1. Great way to use your scraps...looks wonderful! Have fun!

  2. Julia, it is so hard to break out of our own prejudices as far as colour is concerned. I had the same experience yesterday. I ignored the pink element in my main fabric (not a pink fan) and chose everything but. When someone else encouraged me to consider the pink, it really completed the group of co-ordinating colours that I had chosen. Keep playing, you will have a lovely quilt.

  3. I made a Trip Around the World years ago. My sister has it. I knew nothing about strip piecing at the time. It was sewn one square at a time.

  4. I'm all about stash busting and using up what I have too this year. And I can't wait! It's going to be so much fun! :0)

  5. Your romantic TAW block is just adorable!!! I made a mini one in solids last year, it now graces the back of the wing-back chair in my living room!! Because of its size I sewed one square at a time!!!

  6. Your blocks are beautiful! I made this quilt top in my homeliest fabrics, and it shows!

  7. You have your own unique style Julia, trust your instincts and run with it. Before long we shall be seeing a beautiful quilt made.

  8. I feel so comforted to know that I am not the only one to struggle with mixing different types of fabrics! The string quilt I just finished piecing was so liberating.


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