Tuesday, December 27

Wash Day....

That's it...next washing machine I buy HAS to be a big one...
...this DWR quilt just would not fit in my washing machine..so off in the car I went to DS's #2 to wash this in his BIG machine...back home to hang on my line to dry.
I made this quilt nearly 10 years ago for our 40th wedding anniversary...yes we coming up for another big O anniversary next year!

Chef Joe..son #1 has been too busy to blog for a while....but now there's a great recipe for Pannetone French Bread on his blog....sounds really yummo..pop on over, tell him I sent you.....♥


  1. I Love this Design..your Quilt still looks Beautiful Julia.
    Hope all is well with DH.

  2. Don't you love how these quilts never date! Beautiful....I hope to be married that long or longer and happy of course!

  3. Julia this is an awesome quilt...if you ever get sick of it I would love for it to live with me...lol
    Hugs Khris

  4. Magnificent....and really that's all I have to say :0)

  5. I'm with Anne. Magnificent - on all fronts!

  6. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! That's a big one.

    I loved your son's blog and added it to my blogroll. His recipes sound fabulous.

  7. I am not surprised that your beautiful handwork can stand the test of time so well.
    It is easy to go missing from blogging this time of year, there were so many other things to do.
    Now the pressure has eased and we can relax again.
    Will pop in to Joe's and say hi.
    And Happy Anniversary !

  8. Julia this quilt is simply amazing I LOVE it - what's more in a world full of 5 minute marriages I am inspired by your big 0 anniversary next year!!! Congratulations and LOVE - Mr B and I will celebrate 13 years next year xxx

  9. Yes a big washing machine is definitely the order of the day LOL!!! Your quilt is just gorgeous!!!

  10. I know that was a heavy chore to bring the wet quilt back home to hang out to dry!

    I'll go now and visit Joe's blog.

    That's a lovely anniversary quilt.


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