Tuesday, December 13

Surprise...look who's here!

This morning I popped down to my local p/work group...
OMG...what a lovely surprise...Dear Tomi is here!!
Just a few posts back I showed a quilt that we made Tomi because she was turning 88 and was not well.
We wanted to cheer her up and to let her know we were thinking of her...well that quilt must have worked it's magic, the Dr gave Tomi the all clear to fly down under to visit us...Here's Lois giving Tomi a hug...it's so good to see her!
Tomi will be here for three months so we'll have lots of time to catch up....♥
Laura, one of my quilting friends made this gorgeous quilt...isn't it so vibrant and colourful. Laura has a knack of making lovely scrap quilts out of her stash...I love this one...♥
Then on the way home I went shopping...I had a $5 discount  voucher, so I thought I would spend it before it expires.  I picked up this top feedsack fabric for just $4 a metre...so what's a girl to do but buy what's left on the roll...great backing fabric too..what a bargain.
The other fabric was also on sale for $4 a metre...another great backing fabric...but guess what, in all the excitement of the day,  I forgot to use my $5 discount voucher, not much but a discount is a discount ...well I'll just have to go shopping again!
Until next time...take care..♥


  1. More shopping must be done Julia - you can't waste that $5 voucher!! Hehe

  2. Sew nice your friend is well agin. Must have been all the love stitched into her quilt.

    Love your fabrics.
    Oh don't you hate that when you forget the voucher.

  3. My mom and Tomi are the same age and I can't imagine my mom traveling anywhere. It's really nice to see Tomi feeling well enough!

    Love your new fabric!!!

  4. What a beautiful photo of friendship! I'm sure it was a magical quilt ;-)

    Your fabric purchases are nice finds!

  5. Oh, I think this might work ... nice to catch up withj Tomi - a nice surprise!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. I remember Tomi from your previous post! At her age it's wonderful that she has the energy and health to fly back to Australia! It must have been the quilt LOL!!!
    Love your new fabric purchases too!!!!

  7. I remember your post about Tomi and how concerned you all were about her. What a lovely Christmas surprise.
    Love the yo yo cushion - that gingham frill frames it beautifully.

  8. Oh how wonderful to hear your dear friend Tomi was well enough to visit you all. I'm happy you found wonderful bargains, I need backings, wish I could find great prices.

  9. I've just come to your blog, you make me dream, everything is sooo nice, wonderful, you're a wizard, do you ever sleep ? lol
    I wish I could organize myself better and be able to beegin a small quilt i think I'm coming back soon, to dream with your lovely blog.have a very happy christmas


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