Monday, December 26

Santa's Been....

I was so excited to open my SSCS yesterday....Pia in Denmark has been a secret swap partner for me before, I just knew my secret gift would be something very special..
I love it so much Pia...thank you, thank you...I don't think anything could have been more perfect for me than this beautiful doll quilt. The repro fabrics are beautiful...I see a few there that I have and are favourites of mine.
Beautifully made from your heart...I will treasure this forever.

I hope you don't mind Pia, but I'd like to share what you wrote to's so special!

Pia wrote...
.....Recently I got Kathleen Tracy's book "Remembering Adelia - Quilts Inspired by Her Diary" and the first thought that crossed my mind was "Julia would love this book".
The second was "I want to make all of those little quilts".
When I learned that you were to be my swap partner for SSCS 2011 I decided to make the first one for you.
It's called Prairie Points Doll Quilt...

                                 These are my, oh so cute, tree ornaments from Pia....Mr and Mrs Claus..

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas....Blessings..♥


  1. What a beautiful gift Julia, just perfect.
    I hope that you had a beautiful day with your family. Belated Christmas wishes to you all and best wishes for the New Year.

  2. What a delightful little quilt! Too perfect for you Julia! Pia is a very thoughtful swap partner! Hope you have a lovely day!

  3. A delightful quilt Julia!!! Pia did a great job on it! I am familiar with Kathy's work, she has published some delightful books full of gorgeous doll quilts, they are very addictive LOL!!!!

  4. Love the doll quilt AND the ornaments Julia! I can see why you are thrilled with them.

  5. How wonderful, don't we live in an amazing world of technology, where we 'meet' people and forge friendships and you have been part of a wonderful swap, glad you got some nice goodies.

  6. Goirgeous Julia - hey, these Danish girls are something else, arent they, lol!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. WOW what an amazing gift to receive

  8. Adorable and perfect for you. Enjoy

  9. oh that mini quilt is just perfect for you.......Pia sent beautiful gifts........thanks for being part of the SSCS this year........

  10. Happy Christmas Julia and again I shall say what a wonderful thing this blogging lark is, bringing like minded people together and such wonderful acts of kindness and friendship, even though most of us will never get to meet each other.

  11. Yes it is Gorgeous Julia...can see why you are thrilled.
    Happy New Year.

  12. I can see why you love's a beautiful little quilt! :0)

  13. Dear Julia. Pia is my friend and she is teaching in my shop. I have followed the making of this lovely doll quilt for you. I know she was looking forward to sending this very special gift for you. I have the pleasure of often recieving things Pia has made and she makes samples for the shop too. She is very talented and her stitching is SO NICE AND NEAT. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Happy New Year.


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