Sunday, December 4

I Got Mail ....on a Sunday!

Well it's a good thing I had to go outside through the front door this morning...look what I found, all the way from Denmark. The courier didn't even bother to ring the door bell, that makes me so cross!...
What a wonderful surprise....who would have guessed...
....I would be so lucky to have Pia again as my  partner....waving to Pia who was also my partner in another swap....for the life of me, I can't find the post about that swap on blogger. As you can see, I have opened my little parcels, one of some oh so yummy Danish chocolates and one had these so cute little beaded Mr and Mrs Santa Clause..

Pia what amazing beading you did on them, so much work, I have never seen anything like them...I love them. I haven't got the tree out yet, but they will be so special on the tree this year...thank you so much, I will treasure them.
Oh, I can't wait for Christmas morning now....
What a great way to end the weekend...out to lunch with DD and DS today...and a lovely surprise great was that!
Hope your having an awesome weekend too....♥


  1. I'm so releived to see the parcel finally arriving in one piece :-)

  2. What a nice surprise! I wouldn't have expected to find anything on a Sunday, either. (My dog has such a barking fit when anyone comes to the door, though, I'm not sure anyone actually could surprise me!) You got a very lovely swap.

  3. What a sweet parcel Julia - and then lunch with family too! My Sunday is good too - Audrey came again yesterday for another overnight with Grandma! We just came in from playing in the snow.

  4. The little beaded Mr & Mrs Claus are very unusual and oh! so cute!!! Lovely parcel Julia!

  5. Packages at the door are such fun, but definitely nicer when the courier lets you know it's there. The box looks like one packed to bring you a smile or two. Such a lot of work Pia put into that delightful little Claus couple.

  6. What a lovely gift. Mr and Mrs Claus are wonderful.


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