Friday, December 16

9 Sleeps to Christmas..

Counting down...just 9 sleeps to much to do....
I love this vintage picture....little ones must be getting very excited now...I know my big kids are!

I had a lovely Christmas wind up party last night with my embroidery friends, this is the one gathering of the year that  Dh's are also invited, it's nice to get together like this and finish off the year with, laughter, fun, great company  and yummy lovely food...
No sewing done, so I'll leave you today with a collage of just some of my Silk Ribbon Embroidery, projects our little group did together...
Have a great day...♥


  1. Your display of the embroidery projects is enchanting. Just lovely, Julia. Such a talented group of ladies you are.

  2. Julia, these creations are gorgeous! How talented you ladies are. Ohhhh, how I wish ...

    Merry Christmas
    TTFN ~

  3. Oh what fun Julia! I wish I had a group like that to belong to and create those beauties together.

  4. What a gorgeous display Julia! Yes something about Christmas and vintage stuff really go together so well!!! Have a wonderful Christmas season!!!

  5. Yummy photo's! We are having our Christmas tomorrow, as my boys are off to their fathers for Christmas :-( we will have a nice dinner tomorrow, unwrap presents (remember to have a quick look at part 5 of Orca Bay mystery tomorrow!)

  6. What a wonderful collage! Such amazing creations!!

  7. Just popped in to say Merry Christmas, and hope you enjoy your festive season.
    Love all your projects. I have been using the lovly little address book you sent me- I use it to list quilts I want to make! Perfect.

  8. Your work is do lovely.

    Hope you had a good day with friends. A bit of that this time of year...

    Hope this coming week is good...

  9. There are some really talented ladies in your group!

    Merry Christmas, Julia!!!

  10. Wow - they are all lovely.

    Blessings to you and your family


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