Monday, November 14

Warm Wishes...#2...

I just love this pattern...
...really it doesn't get much easier than this, so quick and easy to piece quilt design.
I put this together just yesterday in a few hours, the fabric is all from my stash...I'll just add another couple of rows a border and quilt....too easy!
Look at the difference from this one and the first one on a previous post... can you imagine this in Kaffe fabrics, what about the Kaffe houses I'm still working on...or an I spy quilt for a little one....the inspiration /choice is endlesss...

I hope you had a lovely quilty weekend...♥


  1. The quilt design would be good to use a focus fabric of some sort. Maybe even a holiday fabric.

  2. What a fantastic quick quilt to stitch up for the foster kids. May do that soon. thanks Julia.

  3. Don't the differences in fabrics make them look like completely different quilts. I love this one. Tracee xx

  4. For a simple put together, it has that wonderfully layered look. How fun to be able to get a top together in hours, not sure I know that feeling.

  5. Still a wonderful quilt but so completely different when you change the fabrics!

  6. This IS a quick and easy design. I've done the same with Three-Rail Fence blocks, though yours don't look quite like three equal rails. Still, very effective. Good job.


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