Tuesday, November 22

This and That...

 At first I thought I would not go on with these granny squares, but DD loves them...loves how bright they are, so out they came again and after a few evenings of crochet this is how much it's grown.
Orange is her favourite colour...looking at it here, I can see why... the orange really stands out....
Do you ever feel like your drowning in scraps...this is just a smidgen of my scraps...they're breeding I'm sure.
No matter how much you try to use them up there's always more... in a bag somewhere..in a tin...shoved in a drawer.
I started making yo-yo's..another granny flower quilt...another Dresden plate quilt...anything to use up the scraps.
How do you use up your scraps...I would love to know.

Patchwork day today....get to drive my little red car, sun's shinning, promises to be a beautiful day
I hope you have a beautiful day too....♥


  1. I can see why your daughter would love the bright granny squares - they are beautiful! I'm purging some scraps as I move my stash into a storage cabinet...but it sure is difficult to do.

  2. Scraps are the bane of my life. I started to throw the really useless pieces into pillowcases for dog beds but now people give me theirs as well. What amazes me is what I call a scrap and what someone else will throw away. Sad that I am I end up rummaging and rescuing them so now I have even more scraps. I shall check back and see what other answers you get to this.

  3. Your new little red car is gorgeous! I love the granny squares and am pleased that you are going to continue with them.

  4. I follow Bonnie Hunters blog, she is the queen of scraps and has heaps of free patterns for scrap quilts. But I have just made some crazy pieced placemats, which inspired some string pieced placemats and that reduced the scrap pile...a bit! The rest I have started to cut into usable sizes (1.5, 2 and 2.5" strips) so I can make a Bonnie Hunter quilt...next year when I finish my 2 years of focusing on UFO's! I love bring colurs, but rarely use them in my quilts, so love seeing your granny squares. Happy quilting Sue SA.

  5. Love those granny squares! This will be a wonderful little blanket!! I use my scraps for small and miniature blocks/doll quilts etc.
    Hope you had a fun day out in that red car of yoursLOL!!!

  6. I've been cutting my scraps into 2-1/2 inch squares, and anything narrower than that goes into my strip tub. I still seem to have more scraps than I know what to do with! LOL

  7. I read somewhere that a good way to keep scraps in order was to cut them in squares as Terry said. The bigger scraps make bigger squares, the small scraps make small squares! I bag up each size separately so if I want to make something using a specific size, they are already in one bag. If I have enough left over from cutting squares, that gets cut into strips too.


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