Thursday, November 24

New Raw Edge Quilt...

Thought I would try making a raw edge quilt...and use up some stash...
I found this lovely raw edge quilt on Cluck Cluck Sew's blog....the technique really appealed to me, I thought this would be a lovely quick way to do circles...yes another circle quilt!...
I've had my Go cutter for a year now and hardly used it at all, so I thought this would be great to use the circle die cutter to cut the circles with...too easy...out it came, cut a few circles, just enough to see how it was going to look..
First off, I pieced these together, but I'm thinking....hmmm too small...shall I carry on , or make them bigger. I'm thinking it's going to take a lot of circles this size to make a decent size quilt...
...So back to the cutting table and follow the pattern as given in the tutorial, see what that size would be like...yes, I really think this is the way to go.
Bigger blocks, just  means I'll have to cut them all by hand now...that's Ok
I'm doing these in '30's fabrics...from my stash, just another way to use up old stash....and make room for some new stash..... did I say that... a girls got to have some fun!

It's going to be a hot one today...37 degrees Celsius...a quick trip to the shops and back under the air-con to sew.

To all my US blogging friends...Happy Thanksgiving...
Have a great day...♥


  1. I think AccuQuilt now has a die that is a BIG circle....and that probably would have worked nicely for you. Love your project, though! Enjoy your nice weather, too.

  2. Another cute one Julia. I have the whole family coming tomorrow for dinner and then Audrey is staying over on Friday night! Have a great weekend.

  3. Love 30's prints! Popped over to see what you were talking about and wow! what a great 'circles' quilt! Look as if you are off to a flying start LOL!!! I've heard about your very hot conditions over there in the West, sad about the fire near Margaret River....
    Here on the East Coast it's raining, quiet rain, the type that stays around for ages, yuck!!!
    Like you I'm in my sewing room today, only place to be when it's too hot or too miserable LOL!!!

  4. I have made a similar styled quilt and it is one of my favourites. A great way to use up some fabric too.

  5. Great quilt, nice & easy like I like too. Love the Go & want one but like you would no doubt not use it very much. Alternatively I would want to be buying dies all the time. Great for harder shapes like circles,no matter what mine end up a bit egg looking. Tracee xx

  6. I like this pattern, it works well in any fabrics.

  7. Looks great. Although I like the little circles too, you will keep them don't you? This is a very nice tutorial, I will remember this and put it on my wishlist. Thanks!


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