Friday, November 11

By Needle and Hook..

I think I have the Warm Wishes quilt top big enough now for a lovely cuddle quilt for someone who may need one..
It's such a lovely pattern to piece up, strip pieced in no time.....imagine the lovely colour combination one could put together, I'm already thinking of a shades of blue quilt. I have fabric left over from the blue and white quilt I made a few months ago....hmm, now should I add borders..!
 Perhaps the dark brown border to frame it and I still have quite a bit of the floral fabric left, an outer border in that...I sure must have loved that floral fabric at that time that I bought it...there's even enough for the backing.....

Dd gave me a whole lot of wool she had bought to do some crochet, she loved to crochet, below is the queen size bed blanket she crocheted...but unfortunately she is having trouble with arthritic hands now.
There was so much wool, some I gave to the Good Sammy's and with some I thought I would crochet up some Granny Squares, something else to pass TV time in the evening.  Linda loves bright colours, so I think she might like these made up into a nice size lap rug...

As they say "Time flies when your having fun"...Another week gone already....
Have a lovely quilty weekend...♥


  1. I am so sorry she is having trouble. I love what you are doing. I do love bright colors.

  2. Hi Julia, Love the warm wishes, has sent my imagination into overdrive, think I could find some fabric to make this with!!!

    Those granny squares are great, as is the chevron blanket, dit you make that too?

    Sorry to hear your daughter has arthritis issues, hope she gets some good treatment soon

    Hope to catch up with you soon


  3. You are a busy bee, Julia - looking good!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. Love your Warm Wishes Quilt it's Pretty...I Love Crochet but my Wrists Don'

  5. Granny squares are so much fun to do! (You can tell I was around for the '60's!) I even have a fairly recent pattern for a children's purse made with them. Cute!!!

  6. Pretty Quilt and I love your Granny Squares in bright colors.

  7. Love the crochet blanket and your little squares too!!! I made a crochet blanket many years ago, they are very warm on the bed in winter!!!!


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