Thursday, November 17

2 Warm Wishes flimsies...

Not a very productive week.....
...but I did manage to get the borders on the Warm Wishes quilt tops. This first one I just added a narrow dark brown border, I felt that was all it needed it, it's a bit bigger than the second one below.
This one second one, which seems to be the favourite, has a narrow blue border then a wider bright pink border...sets the top off beautifully and really adds a lovely finish.
Ok, now to get some wadding / batting and get these two lovelies quilted ...oh and not forgetting my Kandy Kisses quilt top either, that also needs quilting.
I've really loved working on these three quilts, now to find what's next on the list that seems to be growing by the week...I just have to see a quilt, fall in love with it, get inspired and on the list it goes...keeps me out of trouble!
Have a lovely day....♥


  1. hi Julia, love those 2 quilts! I will have to give the pattern a try ...sometime in the future .I like quick and easy! sue~nz

  2. Both are beautiful yet different! Nice work! :)

  3. Julia, both quilt tops look great!!! You seem to get through an enormous amount of work!!!

  4. Oh, I don't know. Seems to me that you have been very productive.

  5. Great job on both of them. I guess I'm not with the majority as I prefer the top quilt. It's good we don't all prefer the same thing. That would be really boring!


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