Wednesday, October 19

Something New...and DP's

Just felt like doing something new and different..
Seeing I have lots of '30's fabrics I thought this pattern called X-rated by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. would be perfect,
Love piecing this, so easy and quick...this is the bigger version..
After I started this,  I saw that there is also a smaller version...just gorgeous, I think I may have to make that one up too!
Blogger doesn't want to play today, I was also trying to load a pic of my DP's, but it won't let me...arghh!
Why is it that I'm finding it really hard to get on and finish that last section of DP's...can't give  up on it close to a finish!

Off to do a bit more seeing blogger is not playing fair today!.
Hope your having a better time on blogger....


  1. The DP can wait until next blog, something to look forward to.
    I love the new project, it looks like a great pattern.

  2. I have had blogger issues too. All my comments are coming in "no-reply" except that I know they are not. Sigh. I do like this simple project. the DPs will come back soon enough.

  3. There's nothing like starting a new project. Lol.
    Love your DP's

  4. This quilt is coming along nicely.....very good way to feature those fabrics!

  5. Love that quilt with those fabrics.

  6. I had this same problem last week - I couldn't post pictures. Not fun!

  7. A simple pattern that showcases the fabrics beautifully.

  8. Love the colour possibilities with your new project, it'll be goregous!!!!


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