Saturday, October 1

Sidetracked...Kaffe houses..

What do you do when life gives you scraps...make a quilt!
I'm building houses...Kaffe houses!
While trying to clean  up my sewing room...I wondered what to do with this tub of Kaffe scraps...It seemed a waste not to use up this tub of Kaffe scraps..a dear email friend sent me a photo of a quilt with Kaffe houses in it....light bulb moment....make some Kaffe house with the scraps.
They get easier and easier to make with each one, as I build them in these bright happy colours... take up very little fabric to make.....and all the little bits and pieces can be used up in these..
Two houses built...I don't know how many I'll make...maybe a little wall quilt, or a table runner  / topper.
I'll just keep going till I've had I have enough..
Have a lovely weekend....♥


  1. Great idea Julia, the School-house block lends itself very well to both small and large prints!!! Well done!!

  2. Cheerful wee houses....scraps are great!

  3. Those houses are just lovely! I really need to make some houses one of these days!

  4. Sounds like a good idea, love all the bright colors.

  5. Hi Julia

    I'm loving these. I wander in and out of liking Kaffe - this is a BIG like!



  6. I love that you are bringing out the brights again!! Houses look so fun!

  7. Lovely Bright House...
    see how many you get too..


    I like more and more Kaffe fabrics to, I just like the way it turns out in the end <3

    A lovely wekkend to you too!

    Hugs Elisabeth <3

  9. My DD loves Kaffee fabrics, so thank you for the inspiration for what to do with them. Gorgeous!

  10. How gorgeous! Wish I'd seen this a few days ago. I had to make a block with a house on it for an online patchwork class I'm in, and my mind went completely blank (I'm blonde as well as a senior, lol). So I ended up making a house from a Japanese Quilt blocks book, and while it turned out all right, yours are much prettier!

  11. Great idea and they look really good. K.

  12. This is going to be a stunning quilt! I love the blocks so far - such happy bright colours!

  13. Great and they look fantastic.

  14. Great idea Julia. Love the contemporary houses and the use of scraps. What size are those blocks?

  15. Helllooo Julia! :D
    I love what you're doing here... love the fabrics and houses are a fave of mine.
    Enjoy the garden.. yours is looking lovely! We still have winter here in NSW :O

  16. Wonderful houses, Julia. They're smaller than I expected they'd be, but it's a great size for using up so many little scraps.
    I saw a quilt last weekend at a show (in a vendor's booth, so no photo) with houses from Kaffe fabrics. It was a eye catcher.
    You have sharp carpentry skills. Your village is looking good!


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