Wednesday, October 26

Quilt for Tomi...this and that..

It was a wonderful day yesterday at my local P/work group, " The Pelican Quilters "....
Tomi a dear delightful tiny lady.has been coming out to Australia for I forget how many years now, she loves to quilt, ...saying she is amazing is an understatement, those who know her would agree to that!
Here she is last year having a great time cutting and getting ready to start on a new quilt..... This lovely photo taken of Tomi and I,  is to show you how tiny Tomi is...I'm JUST scraping five feet tall...
Each year Tomi came to Australia in our summer, sometimes staying just a couple of months, at one time stayed on an extended visa for a whole year.
She stayed with friends, Tomi loves to visit our fabric shops, Lois and girls of our Patchwork would pick her up, bring her to our meetings and take her to quilt fabric shops to get her fix of fabric retail therapy.
Eight years ago, Tomi set out to make 80 quilts to hold an exhibition in Japan to celebrate her 80th birthday, and this she did with 80 plus a few more to spare.
The exhibition was a great success, from it Tomi went on to teach quilting to the ladies in her local area...the ladies there loved her quilts....I wish I had half of Tomi's energy!
One of our girls recently received an email from her saying she was unwell..."her body is broken " is how Tomi now 88, put it in her email...and doubts if she'll ever get to come out to Australia again...
So the girls decided to make Tomi a quilt to cheer her up...what better a quilt than an Australiana quilt!
The girls searched their stash and came up with gorgeous Aussie fabrics, Tomi loved going down to the beach to do her Tai Chi exercises every Sue one of the girls took photos of our beautiful beach and a gorgeous sunset and printed them out onto goes to Glynis for the quilting...beautiful!
I just know Tomi is going to be surprised and thrilled to bits , may be even shed a tear when this quilt arrives in her rmailboox...
Hope your feeling much better now Tomi...we are all thinking of you...♥
                                             How lovely is this scrappy picnic quilt going to be!...
Dear quilting friend Lois ran this quilt top up since our last meeting...made all from scraps out of her stash..
The way Lois described how it was put together was so easy..I think I'll have to give this a go and use up some stash scraps...

Half way through the week already...hope your having a lovely quilty week...♥


  1. What a lovely gift for such a dear friend. Hopefully, Tomi is not seriously ill.

    Pop over & take a peek at our quilt share ...

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Julia I just love the quilt you all made for Tomi. I have no doubt she will be touched beyond belief with your thoughtfulness. How lovely :o).
    Joy :o)

  3. I hope Tomi feels better soon but that lovely quilt will be such a great surprise and will cheer her up.
    I love the scrap quilt, that one has been on my list for the longest time.

  4. This is a beautiful story about a beautiful little lady. Yes, I think she is going to shed a tear or two when this quilt arrives on her doorstep.

  5. What a sweet post about a wonderful friend and quilter. The quilt will be cherished. I'm very intrigued by the last quilt and the "easy" way to put it together. Is it published anywhere?? What a great stash buster!

  6. What a wonderful thing to do for her! The pictures of the places she loves to visit will certainly help her feel all the love and good wishes from your group.

  7. What a lovely post Julia! Tomi looks to be a real sweetie and I'm sure she'll just love the quilt you all have made for her!! I hope she recovers, it's sad to think you may not see her again!!!

  8. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! I lovet them! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)

  9. Hi Julia! I have been offline for a bit working, working, working but just wanted to pop by and say hi, and what a gorgeous post you had here to greet me!! Tomi sounds like such a lovely lady, and you girls are amazing, she is going to adore the quilt you made her - the photos was such a perfect touch!!! It sounds like this lady really has a place in your hearts, what a lucky lady she is to find such a group of caring friends...
    Hugs to you Julia, hope you are enjoying our lovely long weekend!
    Jen xoxo

  10. Wow, Tomi is an inspiration. It would be wonderful to achieve what she has at her age. I hope the quilt cheers her up and that she can eventually return to visit her friends.


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