Friday, October 21

Kandy Kisses..

Loving's going to be a great colourful fun quilt, but....
...I think I'll name it.."Kandy Kisses"...instead of it's original name..I like that better!  
I'm just about to turn the corner now, making it just this wide, being one Kiss less than the original, but perhaps I'll make it a little longer...I like a longer quilt for snuggling under.

Friday's beautiful warm and sunny outside...can't believe it's forcast to rain over the weekend.
Hope you all have a great weekend...♥


  1. This quilt will have the feel of spring. It looks fresh and colourful.

  2. What a pretty quilt that's going to be! A good snuggler, that's for sure!

  3. I can see that the pattern is a good one for using lots of different fabrics. And I have plenty of that.

  4. Looking wonderful!!!! Love the name too!!!

  5. You have a way with quilt names. You've picked a good one for this sweet quilt. Our whole family prefers snuggling size too.
    This pattern surprised me when I looked at it closely. The layout and the way the design develops isn't what I expected. No wonder she designs patterns and I don't. :)


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