Sunday, October 23

Kandy Kisses Top...yum!

It's a top already... that didn't take too long to put together at all...I really had fun doing this top....picking out the fabrics, the piecing went together like a dream.
It was like building bricks on the diagonal. I don't think it really needs a you think?
It's quite big at 50" x 68"...I'm thinking a scrappy binding will really be a nice finishing touch...

While I'm in the building, construction mood I think I might get out to the building site ( more like a demolition site at the moment )  again and construct some more Kaffe houses..
While web surfing I came across these gorgeous tiny Kaffe houses...

Really tiny is the word 2 1/8" blocks...are you game to give them a go..perhaps a border of Kaffe houses...
You can find a free PDF link  here...Kaffe Houses..

Hope your having a great weekend......♥


  1. This top really did get together quickly. I agree--no border and a scrappy binding. Sounds perfect.
    The tiny little Kaffe houses would make a lovely border somewhere. I'm sure you'll find the perfect project for them.

  2. You never cease to amaze me ... these are gorgeous!
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  3. Your Kandy Kisses looks Great and Agree just a Binding would be Nice...

  4. This looks to be such a happy quilt!!! My goodness!! you really ploughed through this one!!! It's so pretty!!!!

  5. Love your quilt top.....I think you can go straight to a scrappy binding and skip any border. I looked at the pdf file for the small house wall-hanging and considered it for a minute...then made myself realize I would be crazy to take on yet another project right now!!! Thanks for the link anyway!

  6. You never fail to amaze me at how quickly you get things done. I would still be agonising over colour choice!
    I like small but those house are a bit too small for me. Very cute though.

  7. Julia, I love your Kisses quilt. Pretty House quilt too, those house blocks are so tiny.

  8. for Kaffe's houses, are you sure they are 2 1/8th blocks? They don't look like it to me compared to the fabric patterns and the surrounding items. i was not able to download the free pattern on my computer - perhaps it has been removed by now.


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