Friday, September 9

RAOK...Thrilled to Bits!

 Dh went out to get the mail and came back with a parcel in his hand....I'm thinking...I didn't buy anything lately...must be a mistake...can't be for me!.....
...but it was!
OMG, what a wonderful surprise arrived in the mail from Vivian of Quilts and a Mug....Thank you so much Vivian for your kind and generous RAOK.
Beautiful repro know how much I love repro fabrics, a gorgeous pink needlecase and a lovely card, with beautiful kind words that touched my heart...really made my day!
I love all the fabrics...there's only one that I already had..These are perfect and will go in my Drunkards Path quilt, and such a sweet  needle case..I will treasure it
A smile and a little wave to Alison of know why, thank you!

Off to use my new fabrics...Wishing you all a wonderful day, maybe with a little surprise too!...♥


  1. Isn't it wonderful to get squishy mail?!!

  2. hi Julia, lovely fabric, can't wait to see what you do with it

  3. How beautiful! What a lovely surprise...glad I could help...wink!

  4. How lovely to receive something in the mail like that...I notice that the needlecase could be made using my free tutorial....hugs Khris

  5. What a lovely treat...what does RAOK stand for?

  6. I have no idea what a RAOK is but boy do I like it :)!!!! the fabrics are just beautiful!
    Hope you are well Julia!
    jen xo

  7. how nice, surprises like this are always the best!
    enjoy the fabrics :)

  8. What a wonderful surprise! The fabrics look yummy and so does the needle case, lucky girl!!!

  9. A wonderful surprize for you Julia! 8-)


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