Saturday, September 17

Just a Few More...that's it, I promise!

Remember the wait I had for these blue fabrics...
...thought they were never going to get many lovely bloggers offered to send me some blue fabrics.
This one is for my  long time best friends 70th birthday...coming up in the new year, had to get this one done and ready...just to have it ready before the busy Christmas season hits!...machine quilted.
This DWR was made nearly 10 years ago now for our 40th anniversary....gosh the next big anniversary is fast approaching....custom quilted.
My Grandma's Vintage Garden.....just been washed and drying on the outdoor table here....hand pieced and quilted...a ribbon winner.
This one is called Caramel Cream...was pieced from Moda's Quilting for a Cause...this special comfort quilt was given to my DD's best friend who was going through a tough time with breast cancer, sadly she is still fighting that battle..always in my prayers and thoughts ...machine quilted.
A couple of my first quilts that are loved and used all the time...especially during the cold winter months..machine quilted.
Tumblers...just had to do repros and machine quilted.
Bought some Kaffe lovely as they are, I'm more drawn to repros...but I do love these pinwheels and they were fun to make in this quilt ....machine quilted.
Well, how bright is this quilt...Pies and DD loves Orange...she loves it...hand-pieced pies, machine quilted.
I have lots of Rose fabrics and always wanted to make a braid quilt...loved making this quilt...this one I gave to a dear special niece...machine pieced and quilted.
Ah, yes, this friendship swap siggie quilt was fun to do.....Ladies I will most likely never meet, but each block / name is special in it's own right...thank you ladies!...

Thank you for letting me indulge.. look back and reminisce about my quilts and what they mean to me...some are made for a reason, some just because I felt like it to make them...

Have a wonderful weekend....♥


  1. What a wonderful show! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You can have your very own quilt show any time you want and I will come EVERY time Julia!!

  3. I love your quilts! Thanks for posting - I could look at these all day.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your quilts! Thank you for sharing with us! They are all so lovely!

  5. Julia, they are exquisite. You have created beautiful quilts ... & what a lovely gift for your friend.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  6. Thankyou for showing us more of your beautiful quilts. I do love to see what other quilters have made. Hugs,

  7. All those ribbon winners Julia. A quality show and tell and it is my great delight to see them. Keep them coming and thank you for being such an inspiration. Have loved meeting you in the virtual world at least.

  8. Oh Julia, I looove looking at your quilts, so much work has gone into each one and they are just treasures!! Thanks for sharing this photos all together, such a feast for the eyes :)!!!
    Hugs to you!
    Jen xoxo
    ps - I was at the Willeton Sewing centre the other day (not sure if you go there but in January they transformed it to a quilt shop FULL of quilting fabrics - yay!) Anyway, they have loads of repro fabrics, and I can see why you love them so much!

  9. Julia - can you please adopt me and then you will have to make me a quilt - lol. These are all so beautiful and it was lovely seeing them all again - you are an inspiration xxx

  10. Thanks Julia! It's been lovely to see all your wonderful quilts!!

  11. Thanks for sharing all your Gorgeous Quilts Julia you really do have a Beautiful Collection...

  12. You really DO have a beautiful collection of quilts...and I thank you for sharing them with us!

  13. So many gorgeous quilts! Love them all!!! I have to admit I fell in love with the one in the first photo... So beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing, and for the inspiration.
    Wish you a great weekend,

  14. That was fun! I could never tire of seeing your quilts.

  15. Beautiful quilts, Julia! It's so much fun to see what others make.

  16. Oh No!! Do not stop! Many of these beauties I saw from beginning to end! Thank you for an amazing show!

  17. Please change that promise to one that you will show us more wonderful quilts! So many lovely ones.

  18. You make such beautiful quilts! I love that blue one! :0)

  19. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful quilts. I love them all but I was particularly taken with the basket quilt - gorgeous!

  20. Wow! what a lovely selection of styles and techniques in your quilts!! Love to see them!!

  21. Beautiful quilts! I like the sigi quilt, neat idea.

  22. Hi,
    Do you remember the name of the blue/white quilt pattern? I'd love to make that.


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