Thursday, September 29

DP's Update..and New Books..

Still hand-quilting my Drunkards Path quilt...
This is the 8th more to go after this one ...then I can join the sections together with my Quilt-As-You -Go method....I'm really really keen to get this quilt done..
There's a link to a tutorial under my header if your intested to see how I do my QAYG..
                                                          Three new books on order ....      
This one has just arrived....beautiful little book, full of hexagon projects...bags, purses, pouches, mini quilt, table mats...just lovely, great gift ideas...♥
Still waiting on these two books...can't wait for them to arrive.
I saw this book and the one below advertised in a magazine....fell in love with the cover quilts, so what's a girls to do but buy them..!
I have a nice stash of 1930's the vintage look if these two quilt as they are on the cover with the cream background fabric...with a crisp white background fabric, they would look lovely and fresh ..
Circles again.......seems to be my life in circles... trying to tell me something..!
The dilemma now will be what to start on next....the Blessings quilt or one of these...I'll wait and see what else is inside these two books..

In friendship...happy stitching...♥


  1. I was going to say you HAVE to do the blessing quilt first, but that Fancy to Frugal cover quilt is pretty amazing too! I'll be watching what you decide.

  2. Interesting concept, will check it out. Great books, lot of inspiration.

  3. Dynamite drunkards path variation!

  4. dear julia,those books look interesting,one never can have enough books,happy quilting,susi

  5. Gorgeous drunkards path, love the colours you have used. Lovely looking books I too adore circles!! xo

  6. Your drunkards path is looking gorgeous. I love the look of the books, especially the 1930's one.

  7. I have the blessings quilt pattern just screaming my name everyday.

  8. Your quilt is coming along nicely. The books look great. My neighbor has the second one and let me use it once for quilting ideas. I really enjoyed it.

  9. Love the look of the new Japanese book - oh, hexagons!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  10. The DP's are looking so yummy!!!

  11. Pondering the next quilt is one of the best parts of quilting. I am such a fan of house quilts and your Kaffe houses are so pretty. I must get my red and green ones back out. Is it the cleaning of the sewing room that has given you so much creative energy? Mine is a mess so I might need to buckle down and clean if I really want to accomplish anything.


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