Friday, September 23

Built Six Schoolhouses....

The builder been very busy, but....
...did manage to build another two schoolhouses, making it six all up.
I'm thinking this size will make a nice little wall-hanging. I joined the schoolhouses with a one inch cream sashing and a one and a half inch border also in the cream.
These little schoolhouses really do need to be hand-quilted, that will finish them off nicely adding a lovely old vintage charm to them
Then I think a red binding will tie it all together...

It's a beautiful day I'm off to spend some time in the garden..
Have a lovely weekend.....♥


  1. dear julia,your schoolhouses are looking great,have a nice time in your garden,here in the northern hemisphare it is going to be autumn,so it is nice to stay inside,sewing,hugs,susi

  2. Very Cute Julia... and you are correct... it will make a wonderful wall hanging.
    Cheers :)

  3. I agree a perfect little project for hand quilting!! The blocks are beautiful, nicely done Julia!!!

  4. Well done Julia, it will make a lovely wall hanging. These little houses don't need any gardens, they are pretty enough without them.

  5. They're lovely. I wonder how you'll quilt them :)

  6. oh these schoolhouses are so cute! I can't wait to see this one finished ... but enjoy the sunshine while you can, apparently the rain is coming back grrr!
    Have a great weekend!
    Jen xo

  7. Oh Julia it is charming. The hand quilting will be perfect for a finishing touch. Enjoy the garden today.

  8. I've always loved this pattern so I have no idea why I've never made it. Yours is darling!


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