Wednesday, August 17

Not Another say!

I know...more scarfs...great gifts!
Couldn't help myself...I came across these yarns at such a bargain price. How come these are only half the price I paid for the last lot.....don't you hate that!!
These are different brands, but very much the same sort of yarn, just a little more open weave.
In case your interested, these are Panda "Sashay"...and the red one is Sullivans "Elicia"
They knit up so quickly and make great gifts..
Have a lovely day...♥

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  1. I envy you gals who can just sit down and start knitting or crocheting. I've forgotten how to do both (something I taught myself way back in college). I enjoy seeing all the pretty things you create.
    My knitting and crocheting was done back in the days when yarn was plain, and the only choices were color and 1-ply or 2-ply. Modern options are wonderful!

  2. And they are lovely too...and it's suppose to be a cold winter!

  3. I Saw this Knitted up at our local Lincraft recently...they look Effective Julia.

  4. Looks like you will have lots of Christmas gifts finished early. Very nice.

  5. haha Im like you, I love scarfs! I love making them out of that fluffy wool you get at the cheap shops. I have sooooo many but they are just so much fun and cheap that you just gotta have one in every colour.

  6. One of my friends was knitting one yesterday Julia using a very deep pink and purple combination and it looked fab. Enjoy making them.

  7. Seeing such lovely yarn is making me want to start knitting again! Since I began quilting last year, my knitting needles and crochet hooks have gathered some dust. Can't wait to see your lovely creations from these yarns!

  8. Love it Julia! and thanks for the info on the yarns!
    Jen xo

  9. Saw some lovely wool and wool projects at the recent quilt and craft show. Very tempting but I just don't have the time. Those scarves are very pretty.

  10. Lovely colours Julia, think I have some of that. I actually got two scarves done for my DD,s while in Perth - it think thats the one that curls as you knit - with about 7 stitches on?

  11. Once you get back into knitting its as if you never left. There are so many new wool's or twines about that you want to get up and get going. Definitely like the hexagon topper from a few posts back

  12. Those scarfs are so lovely.
    I want to have one.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  13. I like your scar. I have discovered this wool. I have made 3 scarfs and I am making another now.


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