Sunday, August 7

Funky Knitting and a New Tool..

We have a craft show running over the weekend....and I did my usual by going twice...can't help myself!

DH and I went up by train on Friday and again on Saturday....good thing he actually enjoys these craft show... saves me feeling guilty leaving him at home every time..
This show is more for the local vendors and a few of the interstate vendors that come over every year....lots of knitting supplies, I bought some new yarn..."Funky Yarn"..isn't that a great name for this yarn!

The yarn looks like ribbon, it's a bit hard to explain how it knits up....but when you start to knit it up and tease out the ribbon as you go it fans out like a funky is that!

I just about knitted up the whole ball last night...also....

...I bought this new tool...."Clearly Perfect Angles" more marking lines for half square's a link to how it says it will save time and have perfect half square triangles...

What I REALLY would have liked to take home with me is this...
...the Sweet Sixteen, Handi Quilter...maybe next year if I save my pennies!

I hope your having a great weekend...♥


  1. I've been thinking about getting one of those angle helpers. Let me know how you like it!

  2. I have no clue what you are talking about, but I sure love that header.

    TTFN ~
    Have a great weekend ~

  3. What a great tool, I will keep a look out for it in October when I go to the Brisbane quilt show!!!
    Your knitting yarn look wonderful too, very funky LOL!!!!!

  4. Your gadget looks great but if I bought one I'd have no excuse not to do triangles!

  5. I have used this wool. It is fabulous. Have made a scarf in variegated shades of red. The triangle gadget looks useful. I have a bad habit of going to the shows and buying must have gadgets and then get home and put in the cupboard never to see daylight again. LOL Hugz Jan

  6. The Triangle tool looks very useful. Did you find the batting tape that I wrote about on my blog?

  7. I would have drooled over the Sweet Sixteen as well. You did get some lovely goodies there. The wool, if you can call it that is awesome and I like the look of the tool for hst's too.

  8. I know a certain person in my group who is drooling over the sweet sixteen.(Kate). I have tried the yarn and it is fab. People are so clever when they come up with these new ideas for us to try.

  9. It was a good show, wasn't it? I got there early on Saturday morning and while I was waiting in line I heard a woman say that the only thing husbands are good for at craft shows is carrying heavy things!

  10. I was there all day Saturday Julia and I can't believe I missed you! Seemed to find a few other people though...

    My SIL took the workshop for that knitted scarf - she can do just about anything with wool but she's very free-form.

    Glad you had a great time!

  11. I have just brought some of that wool to make some scarfs. I brought one of the Clearly Perfect Angles but i did not like it went back to the old way I was doing it.

  12. Isn't that yarn awesome Julia!?! My group has been playing with it too!!

    That HQ Sweet Sixteen looks wonderful! Another dream for me!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! 8-)


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