Tuesday, August 9

Cutting and Sewing DP's...

Haven't really done much ...finished that Funky scarf from my previous post....not sure if I'll wear it, a bit too frilly for me, perhaps one of my girls might like it!.. Yesterday I received a parcel full of lovely CW fabrics from Paula a dear email / blogging friend in the states...beautiful gorgeous fabrics, some I had never seen before...

I spent a lovely time last night cutting and checking out all the beautiful fabrics for my Drunkards Path quilt...Paula said some fabrics are quite old and most likely not available anymore, so that makes them very special for me to have in my quilt...

Thank you so much Paula....♥

I just had to pass on this link to Supergoof ...an amazing lady who does the most beautiful quilts...you will be amazed at the size of the quilts and the beautiful work...a HUGE tiny tumbler quilt...you really need to go and check the link out for yourself...

Have a nice day...♥


  1. That's going to be a beautiful quilt!

  2. You have to wear your scarf------it is so cute. Saw Cherry Red/blog was making one last month.

  3. How lovely of Paula, now you'll think of her when you look at the fabrics in your quilt.

  4. What a wonderful worktable of goodies!!! Thanks for the like to Supergoof, she certainly has taken tumbling blocks to a new industrial level LOL!! but the effect is just beautiful!!!

  5. You gotta love the postie when he brings such lovely little parcels.

  6. I'm just back from an eye-opening visit to Supergoof's blog. Her work is wonderful. And we don't need to speak the same language to understand and appreciate her outstanding work. Thanks for the link, Julia. It was quite a trip, to the Netherlands, I believe.
    BTW, I think we can safely assume red is her favorite color.


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