Friday, July 15

Slow Going...very slow!

This photo was a bit awkward to take, had to stand on the spare bed, nearly fell off, so I hope you can see it OK... Haven't really got much to show for this week's sewing....but seeing as my DP's are all hand-pieced and I'm hand-quilting this quilt as I go, I guess this is not bad going so far..
I have another section ready to add on to the medallion piece and another section ready to be sandwiched for hand-quilting ...Phew!
As much as I didn't want to...I think I need to start something new, just to have something nice and different to work on occasionally.
I've always wanted to do a Bowtie quilt and as Bonnie of Quiltville has started a leaders and enders 3" Bowtie blocks project ....I'm thinking of joining in and using up some more scraps.... isn't it amazing how many more scraps comes off scraps that your trying to use up, it's like they have babies!.........♥

Needed some retail therapy, so I've been shopping on Ebay for more CW fabrics for my DP's's this for a great mix, some I may have already but that's Ok they will get used up...

Wet and wild outside today..perfect to stay in and stitch...

Until next time...Take care ...♥


  1. Amazing progress for hand piecing Julia! It's looking so pretty. Lots of new fabric to cut into helps motivate - huh?

  2. Your quilt is so very lovely. Such wonderful fabrics. I know what you mean about needing to start something new sometimes.

    I think I'm going to start on Bonnie's bowties too. I pulled some scraps out for one a few weeks ago and set them aside so I guess I will be pulling them back out.

  3. Your quilt is looking beautiful.
    But you are a bad influence on me, I am trying to resist buying more fabric. The CW fabrics look like a great find, hope you got a good deal.
    I am thinking of joining Bonnie's bow-tie insanity too.

  4. You may be thinking it is slow progress but I am thinking how fabulous and very soon it will be a completed quilt. Enjoy the new bow tie project.

  5. Julia, more stunning work by you. I admire your patience so much.

  6. Love your squares but my favorite is the one in the center with the big circle, don't know it's name, but it's beautiful.

  7. I think we are made to feel production oriented, and a long term, more intricate quilt will be a treasure to make, and to have when finished. This is going to be beautiful!

  8. You have progressed with your DP quilt very well and it's starting to look pretty wonderful!

  9. Ididn't think you knew the meaning of slow with quilting, lol. It's looking fabulous. What a lovely bunch of fabrics.

  10. I have no idea what DP and CW stand for, but I love your latest quilting, and all those fabrics! I've bought a few on eBay - it's easy to go overboard when you're looking at them online, and they are so much cheaper.

  11. When you join your sections together, they're all done, so that's major progress. But it's so easy to feel we're in slow motion some days.
    I vote for you starting another project so you can enjoy the change of pace and change of scenery with different fabrics.
    You have a GREAT variety of fabrics for your CW and DP blocks. Nice selection.


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