Saturday, July 30

Busy Busy Sewing...

Slowly Drunkard's Path block sections are getting pieced and hand-quilted... Five sections to go....I'm just doing a few hours at a time on this, it's slowly growing and I'm really enjoying working on the meantime, I'm also working on DS's table topper...

Here's me thinking I would be able to make this topper up with the fabrics I had leftover from DS #1's runners (..a few posts back), but of course that never works out does always need more!

I ran out of the black spotty sashing fabric, so as I was unable to find anymore, I had to compromise and work in some plain black fabric...I don't think it will look out of place...a few rows top and bottom to make it look like it was meant to be!..It's going to be big....2.5 metres x 1.5 metres, this will fit a big 8 seater outdoor setting table...

What a bargain find at our local craft shop....they were having 40% off fabrics today, so I popped over there and found this backing fabric for a bargain price of $3 a metre...very bright, but I think it's suits this festive topper perfectly...

Lovely sewing weather today...wet and windy outside.

Enjoy your weekend...♥


  1. You have been so busy Julia, so much beautiful sewing you have done lately. I have been busy on the farm this summer so I have not have tine to blog much :-)

    Elisabeth <3

  2. Slow and steady wins the race. Your DP blocks are coming together beautifully. Good shopping, fabric for $3 per metre, almost unheard of , well done.

  3. Beautiful projects Julia. Are you quilting as you go?

  4. You're making wonderful progress on both projects.
    Two blacks for the sashing won't even be noticed. It will definitely look like your plan all along. :)
    A bargain is the best kind of backing. You found a winner!

  5. You are so productive on your Drunkard's Path Julia! Love the backing you chose for the table topper!

  6. It always feels like hard going when you are in the midst of so much, but it will feel great to have both projects completed! The table-cloth will be amazing!

  7. I love you table topper backing, our fabric shop had a big sale yesterday but I found no such treasures!


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