Thursday, June 9

Playing with Wool....repurpose

I just could not bring myself to give this old cardy of my Dh's to the good sammy bin..

Hmm...gosh, I must have knitted DH this zip up cardy about 35 years ago...and I think it's at least 25-28 years since he last wore it, so I decided to recycle , re -purpose it... All though it looks a bit pink's more of a dusty mushroom colour.
There are some beautiful yarns out now, but for me it's just something about this wool of that time, this was an Aussie Patons ® wool and mohair mix .. Check out their web page...lots of lovely free patterns..
This cardy has been washed and washed so many's still like new, lovely and soft, no moth holes....just imagine how much I can get out from this unravelling..a scarf, a beanie, even perhaps a pair of socks for me..etc..
For now, I just unravelled a sleeve and a front to get started...I'm thinking a scarf like this multi-coloured one I crochet last year..
I love that scarf ...I have worn it so many times, receiving many lovely comments on it. Now that I've made a start on a scarf's so easy, shouldn't take too long to crochet can purchase the pattern here....

I'm off to crochet...have a lovely day...♥


  1. This will be a beautiful scarf - love the pattern :-)

  2. Oh, you are right Julia, too nice to give away, now you can enjoy it all over again!! It is gonna be beautiful!
    jen xo

  3. Imagine it being able to unravel after all this time! I would have thought it might have felted by now. What a wonderful way to re-use the wool. And a lovely new scarf too.

  4. Love the idea of unravelling this unused garment and using the wool for something new! A lot to be said for the quality of the yarn and the way it has been carefully laundered during its use!!! Lovely pattern too!!!

  5. Oh Julia this is such a wonderful idea! What a great thing you're doing here. VERY NEAT!!!

  6. It's a shame to see that jumper unravelling but all for a good cause! I found a book full of knitted sock patterns recently and hope to give that little project a try.

  7. Your New Scarf will Hold Fond Memories for You in Years to Come...Glad you decided to Re-Cycle...


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