Tuesday, June 28

New Marking Pens...

It's pouring with rain outside...we woke to thunder and lightning...as scary as it is, we sure need the rain, the perfect weather to be inside huddled under a cosy quilt!

I'm having a lovely time hand-quilting my DP's medallion piece....of all the quilts I've made..(and there's been quite a few)..the hand-quilted ones are my favourites...so homely, soft and cuddly!

I'm testing out these new marking pens I bought at the last big craft show....above you may be able to see the marks I made in the right hand corner...a click on the pic may bring it up bigger.
Below is after I ran a hot iron over the marks..ta- dah...all gone!
Well so far I love these pens, but of course, I don't know how they are going to be in the long term...will the marks come back, and how is it going to effect the fabric...I guess only time will tell...
The pens are Pilot ball..Frixion..

BTW...the new batting I'm working with is a dream to hand-quilt with....love it.....needles beautifully.
Must go, it's getting pretty rough out there...I hear the thunder again!...♥


  1. I just bought these at a quilt shop in MO. I live in FL and had not seen them yet. I have yet to try them out, but I am glad to hear that they work well.

  2. I've been using these pens too Julia and have found them super handy for marking my quilting lines - aren't they great!!!
    I've also found though that if you use them on darker fabrics and iron them off they leave a white mark - to overcome this is easy - just spray first with water then iron :o). I've also been told that the pen marks can re-appear when exposed to freezing conditions - not something I'd worry about here in Qld, but in other places where the temp drops dramatically it might be something to keep in mind :o).
    I love them!!!
    Joy ;o)

  3. I'm also interested in the Frixion pens. We played with them at the quilt shop and found that if you put whatever you marked and ironed away in the freezer just for a minute, the marks reappeared. We literally did this several times on pieces of scrap fabric. As a result, I don't think I'll be using these pens on any "heirloom" type work -- just feels a little risky to me.

  4. Paulette from Sweet P blog tested the Frixion pens and gave it good reports. You can read about them on her blog.

  5. Oh great, please let us know how the pens go long term... It is quite hard to find a good fabric pen!
    Stay warm Julia!!
    Jen xo

  6. I`ve using that pen too and I`m very gald with them.

  7. Interesting about the pen. I think I'll hang back on that. I am intrigued about the wadding though. What are you using?

  8. I look forward to seeing how your quiting looks on this centre piece!!! I am very cautious about fabric pens, some of the previous comments I have heard elsewhere, where there has been a mixed response. I hope they work satisfactorily for you Julia!!

  9. Thanks for the tips Julia, I will try some of that batting.
    I agree with Merilyn, I am a bit suspicious of such marking pens. They do make life a lot easier.

  10. the pens work great...they iron out but they will come back with freezing...but...when washed they wash completely out...so as long as you are going to wash the quilt at some point they are fine to use


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