Wednesday, June 22

Inspiring Eye Candy..

I had a lovely morning at my local patchwork group yesterday....and when Penny laid out her beautiful Christmas quilt on the floor, I just had to take this photo...
Just look at all that beautiful intricate work...Log cabins with appliqued scrolls through them...Compass blocks big and small, with fine points on them...just beautiful and the colours...amazing!
Penny is hand-quilting this quilt...she said it was a bit of a struggle working on this quilt...but I must say, I'm glad she kept going with was all worth it!

Here's Desa. laying out her blocks for observation...what a great scrap quilt this one is...Desa said she'll add a red border and red corner stones with a sand coloured sashing..

I always think it's a great idea that before you start to piece them together... to lay out your blocks on the floor or design wall and take a photo of them....put them up on your computer and see where you might need to make changes to the's amazing how much more you seem to see in that perspective..
Have a great day...♥


  1. Wow, Penny's quilt is a masterpiece and I hope we get to see a photo of Desa's scrap quilt when she adds that red fabric to it. I think it will really make it pop.

  2. Just amazing how beautiful Penny+s quilt is!! And a gerat idea for scrap quilt Desa´s is! Nice quilts both!!


  3. Penny's quilt is truly a masterpiece and just perfect for Christmas.
    I think you ladies need a design wall or fabric to save your poor backs and knees.
    Your medallion and DP blocks (from your last post) look gorgeous all together. That medallion is a beautiful piece to build a quilt around.

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous quilt Penny has on the go. I love Desa's scrap quilt a lot too, looks like a good stash buster.

  5. Penny's quilt is very beautiful and I would love to see it in the flesh. You ladies all make such lovely quilts.

  6. Penny has to be so very proud of her wonderful quilt. Glad you took a photo of it to share.

    I'm in total agreement with you re: the value of taking a photo of quilts in progress. The camera and the computer give us such a different perspective of how our blocks and layouts look. It's saved me from a disappointment or two, seeing the potential quilt before I started sewing all together.

  7. Wow! Penny's quilt is a labour of love and beautiful piecing!!! I can't believe she will be handquilting this, but at the end of the day this will definitely be an heirloom quilt!!!!
    When I'm trying to organise scrappy blocks I play with them for a few days to get them sitting next to each other nicely. Each day I look at them with a fresh eye and I always end up moving one or two around before I'm happy LOL!!!!

  8. Thanks Julia for your comment over on my blog... Monday is the day I find out whether of not I have anything at all... But thanks for your good wishes...Much appreciated...

    Sharon x

  9. Oh my, Penny's Christmas quilt is just divine! What a work of art! Would love to see it close-up!
    have a great week Julia!
    jen xo


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