Sunday, June 26

Catching Up...

I've done it again...fallen behind on my CW blocks... Tried to catch up today, but too many distractions, all I had time to do was this, # 24 Ladies Aid Album....but to my defence, I have been on a ruthless cleaning and clearing out stuff stint.
Two bags later for the Good Sammy shop, lovely tidy drawers, lots more hanging space...yay!
Also an added bonus, I found a long lost gold and amethyst ring that DH bought me for my birthday some years ago...double yay!....♥

I'm getting the DP's centre medallion piece ready for hand-quilting...I'm thinking I'll do the quilt in sections as the Q-A-Y-G method...that will be so much easier on my old hands.

Has anyone used this batting...this is the first time that I'll use it.

It feels so lovely and soft, if it lives up to it's should be a lovely cuddly soft quilt.

Weekend nearly gone already...hope it's been a good one for you...happy stitching...♥


  1. Good idea Julia to QAYG, I always get to the end and then remember I was going to try that..!

  2. I have never tried that batting. I will be interested to hear your comments. I often use 100% cotton but there is not much loft.

  3. Well Julia, I look at it this way, you have tidy drawers and extra space in your wardrobe and I don't!!! but I got this weekend's block done and you didn't!!! - now in an ideal world it would be preferable to have both LOL, but we all have to make uncomfortable choices LOL!!!! I think I feel more guilty than you for my overstuffed wardrobe than anyone could being one CW block behind LOL!!! So I figure you're ahead of me!!!! I'll have to wait for some Annual Leave time next month to get my drawers in order!!!!LOL (at least that's the plan!)

  4. At the moment I'm hand quilting with warm and natural 100% cotton and I'm finding that it's bearding a little so I'll be interested to see if you like this one. I have made a few quilts with QAYG and there is a tutorial on my blog somewhere showing how I did it. I have been busy clearing stuff out too - Patrick (14yo) and I are planning a car boot sale soon xx

  5. Oh Julia, what a pretty CW block. Always so good with color. Looking forward to watching this medallion come to life. Congrats on finding the ring, too. What a bonus for cleaning out. Almost motivating me to do that, too. Almost. ;)

  6. I've used Quilters Dream cotton batting. In fact it's the one I use only in my "premo"-special quilts, because of the cost. I see you have "request" loft. "Select" is the loft that WAS most popular, among the three that were available. Then, quilters asked - made a "request" - for a lower loft, which is the one you have. For hand quilting, I was taught that the Quilters Dream POLY is the best. I have no doubt you will like QD.

  7. I have used that batting and was very happy with it. I now buy my batting by the roll. Still 100% cotton.

  8. As a non-hand-quilter, I can't speak for myself, but I have many hand quilting friends who use Quilter's Dream exclusively. I bought a roll of a QD cotton-poly blend for machine quilting of my special quilts, and I love it. It's more expensive, but the value shows.

    Congrat's on finding the ring. That's quite a reward for cleaning, plus the satisfaction of clean drawers and closets.

  9. Ruthless is the way to be when cleaning closets and drawers...good for you! Your CW block is very nice...I have about 7 to make to get caught up!


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